Key Features that Make Quickspin Slots Stand Out

Apr 20, 2017
Key Features that Make Quickspin Slots Stand Out

Quickspin slots can strengthen almost any online casinos. Getting the features of Quickspin can help online casino operators to stand out in the competitive market of iGaming.

One of the qualities that operators and players can expect from Quickspin slots is their high production value. These games are also compatible with Bitcoin payment should a brand decide to adopt the cryptocurrency. Here are key features of Quickspin the fiat and Bitcoin slots community will appreciate:

High-quality games made from scratch

Quickspin does not use a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to developing games. Every Quickspin developer creates each game from scratch. This ensures that all the company’s title offers a unique and fun gameplay.

Quickspin launches Sakura Fortune slot with Achievements Engine

Other iGaming providers usually go with a standard slot gameplay and stick any theme or artwork to the game. Simply using any theme to a slot mechanic will make the game look and feel generic.

Because the team makes its games from scratch, game developers can match the theme, sounds, and graphics with what the company wants from the game. By being in sync with the mechanic and theme of the slots, Quickspin makes the titles have its own strong personality.

A good example of this is Spinions Beach Party. The game’s unique feature is its sticky wilds which are the Spinions themselves. When a player gets a wild symbol, he gets a free spin of the reels while the symbol stays in place. During the free spin, the Spinion dances to the background music of the slot. This combination of the gameplay and theme feature is what makes Quickspin slots more interesting than other generic casino games.

Regular new game releases

Quickspin developers do not rest on their laurels for a long time. The team constantly works on the next big games throughout the year. Quickspin can release an average of 10 slots per year, while the team has at least 30 concepts and six prototypes to go over during the same period. This ensures an operator that his players will have something new to make wagers with overtime. This includes high-quality slots like the latest Sakura Fortune slot game.

Quickspin games compatible with Bitcoin

Bitcoin wagers are all the raged on many iGaming sites. The digital currency makes it easy for both players and operators to receive their money. Quickspin is a good match to any brands that accepts Bitcoin. One example is MegaDice which is the first Bitcoin casino to host Quickspin games. Players have other options to play these games as NetBet, which also accepts Bitcoin through Bitpay, offers Quickspin titles as well.

Quickspin Achievements Engine

Quickspin slots offer a great gambling experience for its players apart from big payouts. One of its latest features is the Achievements Engine. This engine rewards players for getting certain goals in the slot games. Players can boast their achievement through social media to give them an immersive experience. The company’s latest Sakura Fortune is the first game to integrate the Achievements Engine into its gameplay.