Learn More About Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Programs

Feb 22, 2016
Bitcoin Casino Affiliates

Bitcoin Casino Affiliates

Many casinos often advertise an affiliate program and smart gamblers take them up on that offer. Joining a casino affiliate program can be a win-win situation for a gambler and the casino. The player gets a way to earn money, while the casino gets a boost in exposure from this increase in visibility. The problem, however, is that sometimes some things can be too good to be true.

Not all affiliate marketing efforts are a success. Sometimes no matter how vigorous a site is promoted, people do not drop by. Another negative scenario is that players do sign up but they do not stay as paying customers. A prospective affiliate should be aware of what they are getting into when they enter into their affiliate agreement with a casino, especially if it is a top Bitcoin casino like FortuneJack, BitStarz, and BitCasino.io.  Here is a primer on what to expect:

Casino Affiliate Schemes

The basic way affiliate programs work

The most fundamental way an affiliate program works is by giving the affiliate a personalized link for them to guide prospective players to the gambling site. Now, when that URL is posted to another webpage, anyone who clicks it will be redirected to the target link and will be associated with the affiliate.

If a visitor is then converted to a player, the casino will keep track of how much the player is depositing and betting, depending on the program. Then at the end of the month, a tally is made of the player’s losses. This amount then determines how much of a commission the affiliate will get from the casino profit. Casino profit is usually the amount the player has lost less any bonuses or promotions.

Usually, the higher the amount that was wagered, the higher the percentage of the casino profit an affiliate will get. These percentages can range from five percent to 50 percent. The betting amount is then reset to zero and a new total will be done for the next month.

To get money, Bitcoin casino affiliates will need to keep the people they refer to continually betting. This is challenging, though, so it is more understandable for them to funnel in more people so that they can keep on earning.

Bitcoin Casino Affiliation

Variations in Bitcoin casino affiliation

This commission program is a prominent version but it is not the only one. There are quite a few variations to affiliate schemes, such as pay-per-click or revenue sharing programs. A simpler way is a very no-fuss approach. A person recommends a site to a friend and when that friend has signed up and has deposited a minimum amount, they contact the site owner and they will receive a flat amount that is often called a referral bonus.

Moreover, some affiliate programs are not focused on the casino as a whole, but a specific product. Some online casinos want to focus on a particular product like their live dealer service and give higher percentages.

This is why it is important to read the fine-print of Bitcoin affiliate programs. This ensures that an affiliate is fully aware of how much money they can get monthly or fortnightly.