Alderney Gambling Licence

Licenced Bitcoin casinos that hold an Alderney Gambling Licence have a very good reputation among gamers. The office that issues the licence has a set of strict rules that an operator must follow.

The Alderney state is a hub for different gambling sites. Even though the country could bring in more operators to boost its gambling industry, it took a safe approach with its Alderney Gambling Licence holding operators by keeping a close watch.

Background info

Alderney set up its Commission office in May 2000. It was unbelievable to think that the small island that has less than 2,000 people living in it can be the home to many gambling site operators. It was thanks to a UK law that opened the doors to many online gambling sites.

According to the law, operators cannot advertise its websites to people in the UK. Alderney happens to be one of the places that let an Alderney Gambling Licence holding operator to market its website. This is a big deal for operators that are only looking for players in the UK.

The small island is buzzing with many gambling operators. The people in charge could have pushed for even more operators to set up shop in the island by saying it is part of the UK law white list. Instead, the government keeps a tight control over the companies that are coming in. This helps to bring in actual casinos that are safe for everyone. It also keeps away any people that are only looking to tricking a player out of his money.

You can expect a very fast response from the commission if you send in any complaints on an Alderney Gambling Licence casino. The commission quickly acts on any complaints or problems that it gets and will get back to you right away if they find anything. It is also very unlikely that you will find any problems with a website that the office cannot handle.

Licence requirement and practice

Any new operators will have a low chance at getting an Alderney Gambling Control Commission Bitcoin or fiat licence. An operator must have a large casino running that is running smoothly to get a licence. He will need to open his casino for a very careful checkup. The casino must also have the right hardware and software to keep the casino safe and fair for every player. Finally, an operator must pay £10,000 for the Alderney gambling licence.

Even with the licence, casinos under the commission must go through annual audits. The office will check in every part of the casino, just like the case with NetBet, which already functions as a real-money and Bitcoin casino and sportsbook. An operator with the licence must also make sure that he does not have any problem with his finances and can still give players a good service.

If you play in any gambling sites that hold the licence, you can be sure that all of the games will give you a fair chance at winning your stake. What’s more, you can be sure that the operator can pay for large payouts that you might win. You will know a casino has the licence if the website has the Alderney seal.