Antigua Division of Gaming

Antigua Division of GamingThe Antigua Division of Gaming office has been watching over online casinos since it began its work back in 1994. Many players trust almost any licensed Bitcoin casinos under this office since there is a very low chance of a rogue company to get a permit from Antigua.

Rogue companies or anyone just looking to scam people will have a very low chance of getting a permit from the Antigua Division of Gaming. This is due to how hard it is for any casino owners to get a license from this office.

Meet the Antigua Division of Gaming

The Antigua Division of Gaming office has a long history of keeping watch of online gambling sites since 1994. Previously, the country was looking to allow US players to visit gambling sites that have the office’s permit. This has led to a legal battle with the country’s government.

Antigua states that the US was blocking its own market. This action is against the law that the US agreed with the Antigua government. Surprisingly, the country won against the US.

Despite the problems, the Antigua Division of Gaming has a very strong respect among many online players and casino owners. This is due to how strict the office is when it comes to signing up for a permit. Casino owners must be open to the office’s thorough background check. This helps to see if the owner has what it takes to run his casino with an Antigua Division of Gaming license.

Another thing to consider is the fees in getting a license from the Antigua Division of Gaming. Simply signing up for one will cost about $15,000. The gaming license fee, on the other hand, is a massive $100,000. An owner will also have to wait for a long time before he can get the permit for his fiat or Bitcoin casino. He can expect to get his permit within 60 to 90 days from signing up for one.

Antigua Division of Gaming Bitcoin and fiat casino permit holders must also go through a careful check from the office. These checks are to see if the website can provide protection to the players.

Benefits of an Antigua license

It is not hard to see why it is very rare for any criminals to get a license. Having to get a deep background check from the office and paying for an expensive fee makes the license too much trouble for these types of people to obtain. On the other hand, this structure has its benefits to players and casino owners.

Anyone who has little trust can find comfort in an Antigua licensed casino like Bodog or Golden Euro Casino. At the same time, casino owners that have the permit can bring in more players than certain casinos that have a permit from a different area. Should anyone have a problem with a website, he can file a complaint and expect a very fast response from the office. If the office sees any problem with the casino, it will help a player fix any issues he might have with the site.