Curacao Gambling Licence

Curacao Internet Gambling Association BitcoinThe Curacao gambling licence authority is a long-running regulating office that has been around since 1996. The office ensures that any licenced Bitcoin casinos are legit and can be trusted.

A Curacao gambling licence can be for companies that are offering gambling games to players as well as ones that make the game. The office has a set of standards that all operators must follow to make sure players can get the most out of the casino.

Explore Curacao gambling licence

People looking to get a Curacao Internet Gambling Association Bitcoin or fiat licence must have the right tech for its business that makes it easier for you to visit the website. One example is a casino owner to make use of an ISP that offers a better net connection in the area. This ensures that players will not experience any problems with opening any of the games on the casino or lose connection to the site in the middle of a game.

Any casino owner that has the permit from the Curacao office must follow the same rules as the one set by the EU. The EU has a set of standards and rules that ensure you will get a fair shot at a big payout with any of the games that a licence holder is offering.

One of the features of the Curacao gambling licence is the ‘Master’ gambling licence. This lets anyone give a sub permit to another someone else or another company. The sub permit has the same benefit as you can get from the Master permit. A master permit holder must choose who to give the permit to since he will be responsible for everything that a sub permit holder will do.

Casino owners get the most out of the Curacao gambling licence because of its benefits. The office does not block anyone from getting the permit to run a casino. What’s more, it only needs a casino owner to pay a 2% tax on his net profit.

Checking on the licence

You can usually see if a casino has a licence by looking for the office’s blue shield emblem. The emblem is usually at the bottom of the website, just like those on BitStarz, Golden Star Casino, and Omni Slots. This is usually beside other symbols and logos from different companies.

Clicking on the Curacao emblem will give you the details of the casino. If you want to carefully check on a casino’s licence or get in touch with the Curacao office for help, you can do so by visiting the website. The site has a contact form that lets you get in touch with anyone in the office.