Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming CommissionLicensed Bitcoin casinos under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission must offer their players a fair chance with all of the games. Casino owners must also provide the right protection for their players.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission office is also one of the earliest regulators in the industry. The office can offer a permit to anyone looking to run a real-money or Bitcoin poker room, casino, sports betting site, and much more.

Some of the casinos with this license are Club World Casinos and Intertops.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission background

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission office opened in 1996. It is responsible for giving companies permission to run a gambling site within the region. At certain times, the office also gives permits to physical poker rooms that are within the area.

There are two types of licenses that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers which are important to casino owners:

  • Client Provider Authorization (CPA) – This permit is what lets a fiat or Bitcoin casino, sportsbook, or any gambling site to offers its services to players. There is no limit to the issuance of the permit. Casino owners looking to get this permit will need to pay a fee of $25,000.
  • Key Person License – Anyone who manages or is working under a gambling site that has a CPA will need this permit. Much like the CPA, this permit has a fee of $5,000.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission can give a refund to any applicant who failed to get his permit but has already paid for the fee.

Licensing requirements

Any casino owners that are looking to get a permit from the office must make sure all of its games provide a random result. This will make sure that you get a fair chance at winning more than what you wager on in any of the games. Owners must have their games undergo a series of test from a company that has a connection with the office. A casino owner will only get his license once his games pass the tests.

This does not mean that an owner is in the clear once he has a Kahnawake Gaming Commission Bitcoin or fiat casino permit from the office. An owner will still need to make sure every game that he offers to his players can still provide a fair result. A proof of fairness is important if a casino owner wants to keep his permit.

It is not just the casino’s games that are under the microscope. The office will get agents to check on anyone who is applying for a permit to run a casino. The agent will do a background check on the applicants to see if they can meet the standards of the commission. Permit holders must be fair, courteous, and honest to every player at any time. These checks ensure the office that all permit holders are committed to giving his players a good and fair service.