Microgaming Releases Staff-Inspired EmotiCoins Slots

Aug 05, 2017
Microgaming Releases Staff-Inspired EmotiCoins Slots

Microgaming released its take on the popular emoticon phenomenon and named it EmotiCoins slots. It features animated emoticons and two wild symbol features.

This new slot is the product of the recent The Microgaming Idea Factory, which is an initiative that collects ideas from Microgaming staff.

EmotiCoins slots

Microgaming launches EmotiCoins slots

The two largest feature of the EmotiCoins slots game is its Wild Blast and Wild Stickers features. Wild Blast can release five Wild symbols on the reels. This feature is triggered at random during the normal portion of the game.

The Wild Stickers feature occurs during the Scatter mode of the game where players receive 10 free spins. During the free spins, a Wild symbol appears in a random location on the reels. The symbol stays throughout the duration of the free spins mode. Players can trigger Scatter mode in EmotiCoins slots by having more than three LOL symbols on the reels.

Microgaming goes for a simple approach for its emoticon slot’s artwork. The artwork and animation of the emoticons here are just like the ones on messenger apps or chat boxes.

This new EmotiCoins slots game will be among the hundreds of Microgaming titles in Bitcoin casinos. Players can catch this Bitcoin slot in online casinos carrying the games from Microgaming and Quickfire.

Microgaming Idea Factory

Meanwhile, the Microgaming Idea Factory is a staff-powered innovation initiative at Microgaming. This is essentially a project that collects ideas from the company’s staff. However, the process of picking an idea over the rest is more complicated than just collecting notes in a hat.

A staff goes through four rounds to get their ideas made a reality. The first step is to submit an idea in the first round. If a staff can get at least 10 selection committee votes, his idea goes to the second round.

In the second round, the staff pitches his idea to the selection committee. He will need to get at least one member of the committee to be his sponsor in order to advance to the next round. The third round is when a staff will have enough time to give everything he has for his idea to work. He will need to give his idea wings because he will pitch it to the decision panel in the fourth round. If the panel gives the idea the thumbs up, it is put in a queue to be made real.

Anna McChesney and Rob Mercer pitched last year the idea for EmotiCoins slots. Both highlighted the impact of emoticons and how most people use them every day.

Anna McChesney, PR manager of Microgaming, said:

“As a marketer, to me the use of emoticons in social media and communication is fascinating; they have essentially become a universal language! 92% of the world’s online population use emoticons, so developing a themed game would automatically target the demographic of our operators’ players.”

Microgaming received the Spark Award 2017 title because of their Idea Factory. The InfoQ judges that decided to give the award to Microgaming said that the initiative was clear and practical in its execution.