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New Crypto Casinos – Choose the highest rated casino from the top list below, newly reviewed casinos are added daily!

New crypto casinos continue to fill the Bitcoin gambling market, and this is a welcome development compared to the early days of crypto gambling. But as more new Bitcoin casinos enter the scene, the more meticulous we should be in finding the best Bitcoin casinos from the others. We’ve gathered all the info you need to know more about new crypto casinos, new Bitcoin casino bonus, and more. Most especially, we’ve rounded up which new Bitcoin casinos you should check out.

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Axe Casino

Playfina Casino

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The growth of cryptocurrency has spilt over to the iGaming industry. We see many new crypto casinos introduced every day online. Crypto casinos have made transactions easier for gamblers who have Bitcoin and other crypto accounts.

The use of cryptocurrency is still illegal in some parts of the world. With that being said, gambling is illegal, too, in some of those countries. Most new casinos accept crypto but is there a future for them? Crypto casinos have been trending in the past few years, they continue to do so, and it does not seem like they’ll stop anytime soon.

If you have been wondering what the Bitcoin casino hype is about, we’ll give you all the answers you need. We will be discussing new Bitcoin casinos, their risks and their future. Find out how you can join new crypto casinos and enjoy their bonuses.

New Crypto Casinos

Bitcoin casinos emerged in 2015, and crypto casino new sites have been launched daily ever since. Most of them accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. They operate in similar ways to regular online casinos.

The ultimate difference is that they use crypto as a form of payment. But, in fact, some regular casinos have added Bitcoin as part of their payment list. However, it is not the same as a casino that focuses purely on using Bitcoin as a form of payment. Crypto casino new bonuses allow players to access their cash or crypto winnings instantly.

How They Join the Market

Since transactions only involve the casino and customer and no third party, which is the bank, crypto casinos do not need to present a gambling license. Therefore players have to check if the casino has been audited by a trusted auditing agency, for their safety.

However, crypto or not, online casinos have to be licensed, as required by law in most countries. Casinos that offer Bitcoin as a payment method have some restrictions that include not converting the crypto amount. Other than that, gambling licenses for crypto casinos are similar to those of regular casinos.

The dominance of cryptocurrencies in the iGaming world has resulted in the growth of new Bitcoin casinos. As mentioned before, existing online casinos have opted for adding Bitcoin as an option in their payment methods. Some casinos like BitStarz and 7Bit have an entire section dedicated to crypto casino new games.

However, there are new Bitcoin casinos that are entirely for crypto gamblers. For instance, mBit is a casino that markets itself by offering over 2,600 Bitcoin games, and no wagering is required on some of them. With such offers plus bonuses and promotions, you could even consider opening a crypto account and joining these gambling sites.

Other than the fact that cryptocurrency allows instant payments, which is a given marketing tool for new crypto casinos, existing developers are also showcasing their talents in crypto gaming. This is also a marketing advantage for casinos. Players will enjoy the crypto casino new games and come across some of the classics and old-time favorites.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Opening New Crypto Casinos

Starting something new is a risk and has its pros and cons. The crypto casino new found innovation has grown exponentially. Thus, making it seem as though the pros outweigh the cons of joining this industry. Let us weigh the two by looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the advantages:

  • Research shows that the growth of cryptocurrency usage creates growth in online gambling. In 2020 the usage grew by 881%, resulting in more players using crypto and therefore more online crypto casinos.
  • Some players prefer crypto casinos more than traditional casinos because of the transparency and clarity of their sites. Traditional casinos, on the other hand, like to hide some information to have the upper hand.
  • Depending on the crypto casino, they feature almost everything offered by other forms of casinos.
  • Crypto casinos have a secure payment method that allows anonymity and does not include third parties. Their blockchain technology cannot be hacked.
  • Because a new casino accepts crypto-only, they offer attractive bonuses and promotions such as referring a friend to gain new customers. Additionally, some casinos have payouts as high as 99%.

Now let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages:

  • Cryptocurrency is still illegal in some countries.
  • Your casino has to stand out because of the enormous competition due to the rise of online casinos. The coronavirus pandemic has also contributed to more players using online instead of land-based casinos during the lockdown. Now everyone is opting to include or start an exclusive crypto casino as crypto is the innovation in online gambling.
  • Because it is a new concept, some players still have doubts about cryptocurrency and cannot join crypto casinos.
  • Once a transaction is made in a crypto casino, you cannot reverse it. Due to the anonymity of payments, they cannot trace it back to you.

New Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Bonuses are found in the promotion section of a casino. They vary according to casinos, but you will most likely find ones that give you extra bitcoins or additional free spins. And if you’re lucky, you might even find a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus.

However, these bonuses come with terms and conditions, and the most popular is wagering a certain number of times before accessing your winnings. Some Bitcoin casinos require a a certain number of deposits before you are allowed to withdraw crypto.

And if you love slots, you’re sure to find Bitcoin casino free spins from these new Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casino free spins are staples in crypto casinos, and it would be heart-breaking to not find a new casino offering free spins. In fact, many crypto casinos include Bitcoin casino free spins in the welcome package. There are also those like that gives welcome free spins to new players.

Examples of some new Bitcoin casino bonus include:

  1. Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus
  2. Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus
  3. Bitcoin Casino Free Spins
  4. Bitcoin Casino Bonus Codes
  5. Bitcoin Faucet Bonus

Crypto Casinos and Bitcoin Casinos 2022

When starting a new crypto casino, you must bear in mind that it is trending in gambling. Therefore yours should be attractive to players; aim for great reviews. In addition to having crypto as a payment method, partner with the best crypto casino new game developers in the industry.

It is easy for players to join crypto casinos as long as they have a cryptocurrency account and are familiar with online gambling. If you are new to online casinos, you can join crypto casinos by registering. Most times, you get to first explore the site through their no deposit bonus offered to new players.

New Casinos Accept Cryptocurrency

Most online casinos that have just emerged accept crypto as it is a selling feature to have. Here are some of the new Bitcoin casinos online:

Is 2022 the Time to Start a New Crypto Casino?

Even with the pandemic easing down, players remain and continue to join online casinos. Also, cryptocurrency is growing as its customer numbers increase drastically every year. Because of these two factors, we can only see the world of gaming welcoming more crypto casinos in 2022. Moreover, players are attracted by fast and secure payments.

The newfound change to crypto casino new gambling sites has pros that outweigh the cons. This is motivation enough for regular online casinos to add crypto to their payment methods.

And for those considering starting an online casino should look at making it exclusively crypto. However, due to the high competition in iGaming, new casinos have to stand out. Those that already exist have to find marketing strategies to keep their casinos relevant constantly.

But one thing is for sure—there will always be new crypto casinos for you to check out online.

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