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10 Things Founders Wish to Share about Nitrogen Sports

It comes as no surprise that there are a few more classic casino games on the horizon. Learn more about it in this exclusive Nitrogen Sports. interview.

Nitrogen Sports is one of the leaders in the market. A CoinPoint correspondent has managed to get an interview with the co-founders of this groundbreaking Bitcoin casino:

How do you use this as an advantage to contribute to the global promotion and adoption of Bitcoin?

As market leaders, we believe we have a responsibility to share the benefits of bitcoin. A lot of what we do with our advertising is actually education on cryptocurrency. During large sporting events like FIFA, we can tap into a global captive audience. Throughout FIFA, we ran dozens of articles explaining the basics of cryptocurrency on websites whose readers wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to bitcoin.

How does your business fair against the new and old cryptocurrency sports betting sites in the industry?

When we entered the market, we weren’t the only player in this industry. We made a commitment to have superior support, and to put our customers first. Over time, this has earned us a place at the top. With an established reputation for being trustworthy and a very loyal customer base, new competition is less of a concern for us. We’re very lucky to have good relationships with most of our competitors, and we welcome new players in the space. The more noise we all make about the benefits of cryptocurrency, the more mainstream traction we’ll see.

New features like live line betting and a blackjack game have been announced. What other new offerings are lined up for a release this year?

With the launch of blackjack, it probably comes as no surprise that there are a few more classic casino games on the horizon. As for live betting, we’re planning a staged release, with the first stage being only a very basic implementation. We’re working on some really exciting features that nobody has tried in the sportsbetting space yet. There are also some “top secret” offerings scheduled for later this year, but we’re going to keep these under wraps for a little longer!

Along with the expansion, how would you compare your Bitcoin poker services with those of the established Bitcoin poker rooms like SealsWithClubs?

Well, first we have to give Seals a huge shout-out. They’ve been incredibly welcoming to us, and they’ve been trailblazers in the industry.

We’re definitely a younger room compared with SWC, and reaching a “critical mass” of players is just one of our goals this year. We’re still very early in terms of our poker product, and at least once a week there’s a tweak to some aspect of how we do things (payout structures, tournament schedules, cash game features, etc). Some of these changes are in the background, while other stuff is UI-based. We evolve daily based on our users’ feedback, the same as we did in the early days of our sportsbook.

How secure is your system or server now after the publicized attacks last year?

We’ve been very fortunate to make some great partners in the security space since our launch. We’ve learned that attacks are just a part of doing business, and you need to always be prepared. Last year showed the entire internet security industry (not just crypto) just how vulnerable you can be, two examples being the publicized exploits of Heartbleed and Shellshock.

These days we have multiple layers of security in front of our servers, and a team dedicated to the monitoring of any future attacks. We’d recommend this approach to everyone as new avenues for attack are always evolving.

How did the recent attacks and controversy affect your customer base?

Fortunately, we started this business with a clear focus on customer service as being #1. Every member of our team shares this mindset, so during the attacks we were able to effectively communicate to every single inquiry from our customer base. While it was frustrating at times, many of our bettors expressed how happy they were that we were keeping them informed of the situation.

The attacks also gave us an opportunity to bring more transparency to the industry. We received great support from publications and websites like this one! If anything, our communication during the attacks strengthened our reputation, and our user base continues to grow because of it.

What is your opinion on the potential of altcoins or the Bitcoin 2.0 technology? Will other digital coins be supported on Nitrogen Sports?

We have a lot of faith in the future of cryptocurrency. Right now, bitcoin is the strongest in terms of liquidity, mainstream adoption, etc. We do have the ability to support multiple cryptocurrencies, and if a particular alt-coin stands out and gains traction, we might jump on board immediately.

Our website has evolved based on player feedback; if we started to hear overwhelming requests for a specific altcoin, we would definitely prioritize that.

What is the general reaction of your team to the sharp decline of the Bitcoin price in relation to your business?

We would obviously prefer if the Bitcoin price was generally less volatile, but it doesn’t affect our business as much as one might assume. We’re very careful with our risk in that way. Bitcoin price staying constant, or gradually increasing would be ideal, but more for the community and mainstream adoption than anything else.

We’re definitely monitoring the swings, and trying to ensure they don’t affect our bettors. We’ve recently doubled all of our betting limits so that users betting larger amounts are still able to bet their standard unit.

How open are you in integrating the conventional payment methods (credit cards, wire transfer etc.) into Nitrogen Sports?

Only our earliest customers know this, but we actually launched as a real-money book, and are already able to take credit cards and wire transfers through several payment processors. We made the decision a while back to remove these and strictly support cryptocurrencies. The benefits to customers of Bitcoin are too numerous to be ignored!

Are there similar projects in the drawing board?

We have aggressive plans for 2015 – you’ll have to stay tuned!​

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