1×2 Gaming Adds 3 New Keno Games to Portfolio

1×2 Gaming brings three new keno games to real-money and Bitcoin casinos. Casinos that carry the software provider’s game library such as HappiStar and Spinson will have the new keno games from 1×2 Gaming available soon.

The three keno games use the same gameplay mechanics. The difference between the three is its graphics, sound, and theme.

3 new keno games from 1×2 Gaming

1x2 Gaming releases three new keno games

Tutan Keno, Keno Pop, and Firefly Keno are the latest keno games developed by 1×2 Gaming. All three use the same gameplay and layout. The two arrow buttons indicate the bet amount per play. The X button in the middle clears out all selected numbers on the screen.

The intersecting arrows randomly choose the numbers on the board. The random number selector will also randomly determine how many numbers to pick. Players can also directly pick the number they want to be in play for the next round.

Moreover, all three are in HTML5 format. This allows them to work seamlessly on computers and mobile devices.

More about the new 1×2 Gaming titles

The three titles follow the basic rules of any regular keno. Players pick one to 20 numbers on the screen. Once a player is satisfied with the picked numbers, he can start a round where the game will randomly choose 20 numbers. Basically, keno is a quick version of a lottery game in online real-money and Bitcoin casinos.

Players can also choose to pick a few numbers per round. This increases the payout of the smallest amount of number picked. If a player picks three numbers, for example, with a 0.10-coin bet, the player will have a payout of 1.80 if the game picks all three of these. If the player picks 20 numbers on a bet of 0.10 coins, the payout for having three winnings number will only be 0.05.

Meanwhile, the difference between the three titles is the look and sound of the game. Tutan Keno has an Egyptian theme, Firefly Keno uses a classic Chinese theme, and Keno Pop goes for a cartoon balloon theme. Each title has its own animation when the game is picking its numbers. Firefly Keno, for example, has a swarm of fireflies landing on numbered lanterns. Keno Pop has balloons flying up and popping on the numbers.

Explore 1×2 Gaming products

1×2 Gaming specializes in virtual football sportsbook. Recently, the company expanded on their virtual sports lineup. They now offer various races, American football, tennis, rugby, and much more. 1×2 Gaming also creates fixed odds casino games. These include their table game lineups such as roulette, three card poker, baccarat, and craps. There are also other instant win and number games such as 1×2 Gaming’s keno lineups.

Almost all of their games are in an HTML5 format and are light in disk space. This means that their games will work on most mobile devices and on some slow broadband connections.