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3 Casino Specialty Games Worthy of Your Time

In an online casino, there are sections dedicated to the following games: slots, table games, and video poker. Meanwhile, games that do not fit into these categories are more or less lumped in a separate area, often called “Specialty Games” or “Others”. Sadly, this is an often-ignored section, and online casino reviews barely pay attention to this certain area of a betting site.

Still, there is no doubt that casino specialty games have their own appeal. For one, these games do not require you to stake large amounts of money. Even so, you still stand a chance to take home generous winnings. Sounds interesting? Read on to know more about three common specialty games found in online casinos.

1 | Keno


Not many casinos have lottery titles in their list of game offers, but chances are they have at least one keno game available. Keno shares similarities with lottery in terms of rules: you guess a set of numbers that could possibly be chosen in a draw. What sets this game apart from lottery, though, is that the picks you make can go as low as 10 to as high as 20. The maximum picks you can make will depend on the game title.

After submitting your pick, the 10 to 20 numbers will be generated in a range between 1 to 80. Then, the results will show how many of your picks match the numbers generated by the game. If you have enough correct matches, you win a prize. Your winnings will then depend on your bet size and the number of your picks.

2 | Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are not only easy to play, but they also produce instant results. Online software providers usually design their scratch off-titles with different themes, but the gameplay of these titles are the same. To play, simply “scratch” parts of the “card” until you reveal a section that will grant you a cash prize. Most scratch games will reward you if you match a row or column of similar symbols, while others will give you a prize if a certain icon appears in your card.

Unlike traditional scratch cards, online scratch cards have other variations. Some titles will allow you to buy tickets in bunches so that you can play several games at once. Meanwhile, there are scratch cards that feature a Reveal button that will instantly scratch off the entire ticket, quickly revealing the results of the game.

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3 | Bingo


Bingo is often played in social halls or charity events, but now, the game is now easily available in online casinos, letting you play wherever you go. Even better, online bingo comes in different themes and different payouts, letting you enjoy simple but enjoyable gaming sessions, whether you are a casual player or a high roller.

The gameplay of online bingo is not different from the basic rules of the offline version. You get a card with random numbers, and numbers will be drawn. A virtual caller will choose numbers at random, and an auto-tab feature will mark the numbers if they appear on your card. If you complete a certain pattern, you win a prize. What makes online bingo different, though, is you cannot yell “Bingo!” after a win. Still, this is a perfect game to play to break the stress from playing slots or card games.

And there you have it—the three most popular specialty games in an online casino. Of course, there are other special games that will come up in this category, and some of which can be unusual. If you want to play something lighter in between more serious betting sessions, look at this category of your favorite casino. Who knows what game you will find tucked away in this overlooked area?

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