3 Exciting Features of Tiger’s Claw Slot by Betsoft

Tiger’s Claw is an upcoming video slot that will prowl online casinos on March 30.

From 720 pay lines to a Scatter mode that gives players up to 240 free spins, there are many ways players can get a large win in Tiger’s Claw slot by Betsoft Gaming. Here are three features of the new slot game that can get anyone excited start spinning the reels.

Diamond Reel Structure with All-Ways Pays Feature

The most noticeable feature of Tiger’s Claw is its 3-4-5-4-3 diamond shaped reel. This shape helps to make the most out of the slot’s All-Ways pays feature.

Betsoft Gaming Releases Tiger’s Claw SlotAs the name suggests, this feature allows players to match symbols in adjacent reels regardless of their position. In addition, Tiger’s Claw lets players form a match from both left to right and right to left. Because of the diamond-shaped reel, there are 720 ways to win in this slot.

Bonus Feature with up to 240 Free Spins

Players win free spins in Tiger’s Claw by matching five Free Spin Orb symbols across the reels. A Free Spin symbol match rewards eight free spins.

What makes this feature interesting is how players win more free spins for each set of matches they make. When players match two sets of five Free Spin symbols, for example, they get 16 free spins instead of the usual eight free spins. It is also possible to get more free spins during this bonus feature by matching five more Free Spins symbols. Players can get a maximum of 240 free spins per bonus feature.

Another feature of the Free Spin Orb symbols is how the symbols are stacked. This means that the symbols enter the reels in groups of two to three symbols. By being stacked, players can make a series of Free Spin Orb symbol matches.

The diamond-shape reels and All-ways Pay features complement the Free Spins feature of Tiger’s Claw. The 720 pay lines increase the chances of players to get multiple Free Spin symbol match sets.

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Instant Big Shaman Scatter Payouts

It is possible to get a large payout with the Shaman Scatter feature by getting at least three Shaman Scatter symbols appear on the reels. Players can match these symbols even if these appear on separate reels.

Shaman Scatter rewards players with two times their bet if there are at least three Shaman symbols on the reels. Four Shamans can give 10 times the players’ total wager per spin. The largest possible payout is with five Shaman Scatters that rewards players with 50 times their total bet.

Betsoft Gaming will release Tiger’s Claw slot in HTML5 format. This allows Android or iOS-powered mobile device owners to play the game anywhere. Everyone will enjoy the three features of Tiger’s Claw when it comes out at the end of March.

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