3 Innovations That Improve Gambling with Bitcoin

Technology gives the online gambling market a significant boost. There are three iGaming innovations that transform today’s online betting experience a better one for many people.

One of these innovations allows newcomers to experience gambling with actual money without even owning a credit card. Another iGaming feature is the inclusion of casino games to the mobile messaging app. Meanwhile, the most recent innovation allows players to easily prove they are not a bot when entering online casinos.

Bitcoin faucets promote Bitcoin and micro betting

A Bitcoin faucet is basically a tool that gives free bitcoins. There two types of faucets. One is a faucet website or app that gives away small amount of Bitcoin to a visitor who performs a few simple tasks. This usually involves solving a ReCAPTCHA on the website.

Telegram Casino

The other type of faucets is the casino-integrated faucets. This is where players could get free bitcoins that can function as a bankroll to play games like Bitcoin dice. Some of the Bitcoin dice sites that have an integrated Bitcoin faucet are Bitsler and Primedice.

The intention of the free Bitcoin in casino faucets is to educate people who are new to Bitcoin or online gambling. The few satoshis bettors will receive enable them to explore how the game works while also gaining a better understand of Bitcoin’s relevance in the iGaming market. At the same time, this helps to encourage new comers to buy bitcoins and wager them.

Telegram casino makes gaming accessible

Telegram casinos allow operators to expand their game libraries to reach the messenger app market. This is possible due to the support of chat bot on the Telegram app.

Chat bots are sub programs inside the Telegram app that can do many things. One such function is to act as a relay to a user on the messenger app and a game on a gambling site. The chat bot will display the game’s results or symbols to show a player what is happening in the game. This program will also send the player’s command text to the game.

Telegram casinos are beneficial for areas that prohibit local residents from visiting gambling sites. It also provides players with more anonymity when playing gambling games. Players can further protect their identity by making bets with Bitcoin.

Invisible reCAPTCHA simplifies registration

reCAPTCHA is a security measure that protects websites from bots or suspicious traffic. Previously, users had to type in a set of words to prove he is not a bot. The puzzle became easier by having visitors pick the right set of pictures to solve the CAPTCHA problems.

Over time, this feature became an essential tool for Bitcoin casinos, especially when players register an account. reCAPTCHA’s role in the iGaming sector is to also filter out authentic players from bots that aim to take advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered by the casinos. This also helps keep player accounts safe from cyber threats.

Recently, however, Google improved the reCAPTCHA system by making it ‘invisible’ to visitors. The Invisible reCAPTCHA system allows actual users to visit a website, create an account, or gather Bitcoin from faucet website without clicking on a checkbox. Although not much has been revealed as to what technology it exactly uses, this innovation makes life easier for any online bettors.