3 Lunar Spectacle Features of Chang’e Slot by Pariplay

Pariplay’s latest slot–Chang’e Goddess of the Moon–can now be played on selected gaming sites. The slot’s artwork and groundbreaking feature represent the Chinese Mythology story about Chang’e.

Richard Mintz, commercial and marketing director of Pariplay, said:

”With our strong focus on developing a highly engaging gaming experience, we are confident that this game will become one of our most popular original slots, complementing our branded titles in our Atari® and Valiant Entertainment® franchises.”

Slot enthusiasts will enjoy three incredible features of Chang’e slot by Pariplay which will help them reach the moon with big wins.

1| Locked Wilds

Chang’e Slot by PariplaySticky Wilds feature is common among video slots whose Wild symbols stay in place for two consecutive spins. Chang’e provides a Locked Wilds feature that goes beyond the usual Sticky Wilds. Instead of staying in place for one spin, the Wild Moon Goddess symbol can stick to the reels for up to five spins.

Players can get more than one Locked Wilds on the reels. The appearance rate of the Wild symbol is more than enough to see a Wild appear on the reels once every five to 20 spins.

It is important to note that the Locked Wilds feature does not provide a free re-spin. Free re-spins are a common addition to slots that have a Sticky Wild feature.

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2| Free Spins Mode Features

In the regular round of Chang’e, players have only 20 pay lines to work with. The pay lines change when players trigger the game’s Free Spins mode, which provides 243 ways to win. This feature allows players to match symbols across adjacent reels no matter the symbol’s position. With the 243-pay line feature, players increase their chance to match five Wild Moon Goddess symbols, which pay 1,000 times their bet.

To enter the Free Spins mode of Chang’e, players need at least three Scatter Archer symbols on the reels, which will give up to 20 free spins. Hitting four Scatter symbols on the reels will award players with up to 40 free spins. Lucky slot enthusiasts can get 50 free spins if there are five Archer symbols on the reels.

Chang’e slot’s Locked Wild feature works well with the Free Spins mode.  The good deal of spins that players can easily win to reach the Free Spins mode makes up for Locked Wild’s lack of free Re-Spin feature.

3| Mobile Device Compatibility

Everyone can play with the Moon Goddess anywhere they go since Chang’e is compatible with almost any modern smartphones and tablets. The HTML5 format maintains the quality of the game’s graphics when players switch from their desktop computers to their mobile devices. In addition, the game has a mobile-friendly design wherein players can easily tap on the spin or auto-spin button with just their thumb.

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