3 Reasons to Watch Out for Microgaming’s Cash of Kingdoms

Microgaming revealed on Day 3 of ICE Totally Gaming 2018 an exciting new fantasy-themed slot called Cash of Kingdoms. The new slot game is based on a popular theme that many multiplayer mobile app games use.

Cash of Kingdoms slot by Microgaming is packed with incredible slot features. One of the game’s features is the Invading Wilds feature which will debut in this game.

David Reynolds, games publisher at Microgaming, said:

“Launching later this year, Cash of Kingdoms is built on a strong game engine that will give players an action-packed escapade with fantastic payouts. Combining an exciting feature set with a popular theme that appeals to many mobile gamers, we anticipate Cash of Kingdoms to be a long-term player favourite. It’s the perfect adventure to add to our diverse games roadmap for 2018.”

The upcoming Cash of Kingdoms will have new features and other characteristics that make Microgaming slots a hit. Here are three reasons why everyone should watch out for the release of this slot later this year.

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Microgaming Will Release Cash of Kingdoms Slot Later This Year#1 | Clashing Kingdoms Game Theme

Cash of Kingdoms is based on the village-building gameplay theme that is used by many mobile games. In these games, players build their base by gathering resources to construct buildings then train units. Players invade other bases or villages to gain resources and other rewards.

Character designs and artwork of the game is similar to many popular mobile apps that use the village-building theme. All characters of Cash of Kingdoms are super deformed where their head is disproportionate to their bodies. Another detail in the game’s design is the colored frames of the game’s Mage, Knight, Rogue, and Archer symbols. The frame makes a character symbol look like mobile app icons.

#2 | Invading Wilds Feature

Microgaming aims to have features in Cash of Kingdoms resemble the gameplay of mobile strategy games. One of these features is the Invading Wilds which is similar to how players attack enemy units and bases with archers.

Invading Wilds are Wild Reels that turn adjacent reels into Wilds. A player can trigger this feature when he gets Stacked Wild symbols fill an entire reel. Invading Wilds is similar to a Scatter Wild feature where the Wilds turn adjacent symbols into Wild Ones.

Microgaming will release more details on Invading Wilds and other future features of the game in the coming months prior to the game’s release. Cash of Kingdoms may have more ways to recreate the village-building gameplay of the app it is based on.

#3 | Kingdom Invasion While On-The-Go

The latest Microgaming slot will likely be in HTML5 format. HTML5 is one of the most compatible formats on the market. This allows people to play the Cash of Kingdoms on desktop computers and mobile devices that are powered by current operating systems.

Mobility is the important selling point of the game because Microgaming will market Cash of Kingdoms to mobile gamers. People who play the popular village simulation game and its other imitations are sure to enjoy Microgaming’s latest slot in select Bitcoin casinos while on-the-go.

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