4 New CasinoWebScripts Games That Online Casino Players Will Absolutely Enjoy


Online casino solutions provider CasinoWebScripts offers more than 200 gaming software available on desktop PC and mobile devices for 0% monthly fees.

Turnkey online casino solutions provider CasinoWebScripts invites online casino operators looking for high-quality gaming platform and software to check out its well-sought products.

Aside from not charging any monthly fee, CasinoWebScripts continuously develops excellent online casino games for both desktop PC and mobile players. Some of them that were just recently released can be found below:

Multiplayer Baccarat

An addition to CasinoWebScripts three-dimensional table games, Multiplayer Baccarat 3D Dealer allows multiple online players to place their baccarat wagers all at once. Some features of this new software include scoreboards where players can check out previous results and figure out patterns.

Players can place up to 500 chips in this provably fair game that has a 9-percent Return-to-Player (RTP) rate.

Dragon Tiger

playing-casinowebscrtipts-additional4Following a similar visual presentation with Multiplayer Baccarat is Dragon Tiger 3D Dealer, an online casino version of the Dragon Tiger betting game popular in some Asian countries.

Many simplify Dragon Tiger as just the two-card version of baccarat. However, in this CasinoWebScripts game, players can also bet on card color and on card size.

Dragon Tiger has an RTP rate of 96.26 percent and is available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other languages.


Horse Racing

CasinoWebScripts has developed two versions of a horse racing game catering to audiences with different betting preferences.

One version is for Quinella bets, where players choose the top two horses to finish the race in any order. On the other hand, the Exacta version accepts bets in which players pick exactly which horses they think would place in first and second, respectively.

Both variants have an 89.90 percent RTP.

Bitcoin Billion

Taking inspiration from the famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Billion could make its players richer in just a single spin. On this five-reel, three-row, and 10-payline online slot, players are in for a surprise with unpredictable bonuses, numerous free spins, expanding wilds and three varying jackpots.

Together with vivid graphics and stunning animation, Bitcoin Billion has a varying RTP, which online casinos could designate themselves.

Online casino operators interested in featuring these four titles—and more software from CasinoWebScripts’ catalog—could pay extra to incorporate their branding onto the games themselves.


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