4 Things to Expect in Bitcoin Casinos in the Next Months

Bitcoin Casino

The year 2014 proved to have been filled with great promises for the Bitcoin casino market. It saw the launch of new brands as well as the introduction of the fresh and revolutionary products and services. With the market nearing its maturity, it is safe to say that the previous year made this niche a more prominent one in the iGaming industry.

With the start of another year, the excitement continues as 2015 is poised to witness more breakthroughs that will completely improve the online betting scene.

Stricter security protocols to be used

Throughout the past 12 months, news of scams and hacking incidents in the market broke out. This included Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin sportsbooks, and even online exchanges. Not only did these trouble the ecosystem, but it also showed Bitcoin as a whole in an unflattering manner.

A stronger security setup is expected to manifest in the Bitcoin casino websites in the next few months, especially to those that wish to evade the DDoS attacks and extortion ploys made by some online hackers. The use of multisignature wallets will be prevalent as well as the enforcement of two-factor authentication. Hopefully, more security measures will be rolled out soon to protect the players and the operators.

Bitcoin casinos will jump on the Bitcoin poker trend

The Bitcoin poker market continues to be on a roll with the successive releases and debuts of online poker rooms running on cryptocurrency. This trend is expected to be picked up by more brands. If not to host a poker room, they are likely to feature poker game variants in their inventory.

Blockchain betting will take the spotlight

More emphasis is being directed to the blockchain itself with some even prioritizing it over the digital currency. This setup enables direct betting and eliminates the need for players to trust third parties. Some online betting sites already employ this kind of system, but it is yet to spark much attention to encourage other or newer brands to follow suit. With a new Bitcoin poker room using this setup, this may be the catalyst that will promote blockchain betting.

More casino bonuses to roll out

The holiday season may have already ended, but more is yet to come in the next few months. Therefore, players can watch out for the summer giveaways or promotions in select Bitcoin casinos. What is great about this is that more brands are now banking on monthly promotions, so the bettors can ensure high-quality fun and experience ahead.

This year definitely marks a new beginning  to take advantage of the opportunities that arrive with Bitcoin in online gambling. These are only some of what may come in the next months. Who knows, a bigger and better set of surprises may still be in store for both the avid bettors and dedicated operators this year.