4 Ways to Take Control of Your Losing Streaks


Sometimes, it feels like Lady Luck is in your favor. But most of the time, you cannot crawl away from a losing streak. Check what you can do about it here.

Losing streaks happen to the best and the worst online casino players. You try your best, but Lady Luck just does not want to cooperate. Indeed, having a bad beat is one of the most frustrating situations to be in. But how you deal with such beat is more important. Know how to stay calm in the face of a loss and more with these 4 recovery methods for players having losing streaks.

Avoid losing streaks1 | Keep Calm

This is a bitter pill to swallow, but getting angry and making bad choices in the middle of a losing streak may just amplify the problem. Losing streaks can happen to any casino player, but what separates the winners from the losers is the method though which they cope with the losses.

You know when the losing streak starts. You recognize it the second you stop winning. At first, the loss is a minor annoyance. You can tell yourself that everyone loses occasionally. Then you lose again, and again, and again. The last thing you want to do is to raise your bet hoping to recoup your losses.

When you get caught in such situation, do not focus on the anger. Breathe in deep, and try to relax. Focus on anything except for the string of losses. Your first plan of action is to calm down before you end the night bankrupt, or worse—in debt. When you are calm, remind yourself that you are not going to lose every game forever. If winning streaks end, then losing streaks will too.

2 | Limit Your Maximum Losses

After realizing you are in the middle of a losing streak, the next step is to limit your losses. You do not want to lose any more money than you what is left in your account. Do your best not to become a casino player who chases his losses. If you have some winnings left, be sure to set a portion of them aside. It is better to end a game session with some profit. After all, you can always continue playing some other time.

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3 | Switch Your Strategies

Do you feel like the betting strategy you used to love just does not work anymore? It may be worth a second look. Experiencing a series of losses with a specific betting scheme just means you might need to tweak your game plan. Just like how a sports bettor checks his betting tips archive, you should check other betting systems. You might just find a brand-new strategy that will work better than the old one.

Alongside switching strategies is knowing when to play with lower stakes. If you are not winning, do not stick to placing big bets. Making expensive bets may just shorten your betting session. Bitcoin Roulette and Crypto Roulette managers are planning the players wagering, based on the roulette odds, which means that most deposit [players are visiting the roulette table at least once during their player’s crypto casino life time.

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4 | Know When to Take a Break

When your emotions are high, it is easy to forget that you can take a break. You become so focused on winning that your feelings override your logic. If you have been playing with minimum stakes and have all along been bothered by the idea of losing, it might be time to take a break from making bets. Take as much time away from your desktop or phone as you need. Who knows? Upon returning to your favorite betting site, luck might have already leaned toward you.

Just remember that when a losing streak is underway, do not let anger set in. Next, allot how much more you can risk losing. If bad luck persists, switch your betting strategies. And when nothing seems to work, stay out of the game. By applying these recovery methods, you will have a greater chance of having your bankroll detoured off a longer series of losses.

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