5 BlizzCon 2017 Esports Events Bettors Should Check Out

The 11th BlizzCon event is coming to Anaheim California on Nov. 3 to 4 and the gaming market rejoices as this event is where Blizzard Entertainment announces new content for its games as well as a new IP.

But more than the announcements from the gaming giant, esports fans and bettors can expect for the series of exciting esports events for the top games developed by Blizzard. At the same time, bettors can head on to Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks should they wish to place wagers on who will reign supreme in the BlizzCon 2017 esports events.

Here are the five BlizzCon 2017 esports events bettors can place wagers on:

StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals

BlizzCon 2017 features 5 esports tournamentsStarCraft II World Championship Series is Blizzard’s most popular esports match. This is sure to garner the lion share of the views among its five esport events. Eight of the best Korean and Circuit StarCraft 2 players will play in the Group Stage. Eight of the top teams from the four groups will move to the Finals.

123Vegaswin is offering odds for the WCS event. Its current favored player for the group stage is Innovation with 4.75 odds to win.

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

The World Championship event has 12 teams who won the regional qualifiers and regional championships fighting for a spot in the finals. The prize pool of the tournament is $6,000.

World of Warcraft is not entirely made for esports competition. However, there are a few Bitcoin casino sportsbook that might still offer a betting market for the upcoming Blizzcon event.

Heroes Global Championship Finals

Heroes Global Championship (HGC) is a series of qualifiers, clashes, playoffs, and league plays around the globe. The HGC finals are the major event to finish this year’s season. Sixteen teams who represent their regions are playing in groups of four. The top two teams from the four groups will move to the finals for a chance to win the $1 million prize pool. Bettors can watch out for betting markets offered in sportsbooks that cover popular Esports tournaments such as Bet-52.

Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch World Cup started in March with the best team in 32 regions competing against one another. Players of the game and esports audiences from each of these regions have voted for the teams who will represent their region. These players faced off with each other in the Group Stage this summer.

Eight teams who won the group stage will move to the Playoffs at BlizzCon. The format will be a single-elimination match and is a best of five. The total prize pool of the event is $360,000. Sportsbooks such as BetEast may cover the Overwatch World Cup in November.

Hearthstone Inn-Vitational

Hearthstone Inn-Vitational Grand Finals are set for BlizzCon. The top teams from the Playoffs on Oct. 7 will be playing at BlizzCon next month. Grand Final players will get an ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop apart from a free trip to the BlizzCon venue.

Hearthstone matches are one of the esports events that few sportsbook covers. Bet-52 offers markets for Hearthstone games and there is a good chance it will cover the Inn-Vitational tournament.