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5 Common Gambling Superstitions in the World

The legendary Stevie Wonder once said: “Very superstitious writing on the wall, Very superstitious ladder's 'bout to fall…”

When you go gambling you know that any scrapes of luck would do you good. But some players believe that taking extra mile will do you better. And this means believing in superstitions. Believe it or not, there are many gambling superstitions that even Bitcoin casino  and land-based casino players today treat with much value and respect. So now, we’re rounding up the 5 common gambling superstitions in the world. It’s just up to you whether or not you will believe them.

#1 Lucky Charms and Garments

This is a no-brainer. Many of us may already know that the four-leaved clover, horseshoe or a rabbit foot are lucky charms. This is why it’s very common to see some players bring a charm or two to the casino to help them bring some luck on their side.

Also, not only charms but colors have a meaning in gambling. Red, for example, is known as a very lucky color. Thus, it is a symbol of fortune and luck and you can find it on the walls or carpets in a land-based casino. Apart from colors, items of clothing can have significant meaning, too. So, if outside is a sizzling hot summer and you see someone with a scarf in the casino. Don’t worry! He is just attracting good luck.

#2 Rituals

Some of the most popular rituals on the casino floor include knocking on wood, stacking chips in a particular way, calling out for a card, kissing your companion or finger crossing. Do any of these just make sure that you never cross your legs. Why? Because since you are crossing out your good luck.

Another famous ritual is blowing the dice by one of the beautiful women in the casino. This ritual is rather a disgusting one, since the “blowing” is actually spitting on the dice. Not a really COVID-19 friendly ritual, eh?

And when it comes to numbers, you can find that players tend to back away from the numbers 7 and 13, as they’re seen as a massive threat to the gambling community.

#3 Using $50 Bills

This superstition actually comes from a very gruesome place. People don’t bet with 50 dollars, since it was known that mob gangs in Las Vegas used to put these bills in their victim’s pockets before burying them.

Honestly, with this one, we can agree. It has a bit of reason behind it. And whilst we are on the topic of money superstitions, it’s good to practice to not count your winnings on the table. It is believed that pride comes before the fall. Also, it’s not good manners to do that in general.

#4 Using the Front Entrance and Leaving the Table

Leaving the table during the game and entering the casino from the front entrance is considered bad luck.  Of course, some people tend to argue over the table superstition, since they believe that it’s good luck, but it really depends if you have stamina to stay at the table long enough.

And when it comes to leaving the casino, it’s believed that once you enter the premises, all the bad luck from people who lost will go to you. We don’t know how only the entrance is buried in bad luck and the rest of the casino is sparkly clean, but superstitions are not based on rock solid facts, right?

#5 No Sex and No Virgins

The first superstition about sex comes from the belief that sex can mingle with your mentality and physical well-being. Also, sex requires quite a bit of energy, thus the players won’t have the power to bluff or focus entirely on the game.

The next is quite a weird one and it is only meant for the game of craps. If a virgin female throws the dice, everyone on the table will have good luck. However, if it’s a virgin male, then it will bring bad luck.

*  *  *  *

And there you go. These are the weirdest and most common superstitions to find within the crazy world of gambling. Do you know any of them? Do you believe in them while playing bitcoin best games?

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