5 Easy Ways to Experience Safer and More Fun Bitcoin Gambling in 2015


For the next 11 months, Bitcoin casino players have the power to transform their online gambling experiences with Bitcoin far better than last year’s.

Safe Fun

It may already be halfway through January, but the year has only just begun. There is still a long time for everyone to experience top-notch gambling using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. With more than 11 months left, there is absolutely plenty of days to make 2015 the most exciting, entertaining, and rewarding year of Bitcoin betting ever.

FortunejackDuring this period, however, a lot of things—good and bad—may happen. This only highlights the essential steps to guarantee a safer and more fun experience playing a variety of Bitcoin casino games online. Follow what are outlined here to ensure better results.

  1. Stay on the lookout for Bitcoin casino bonuses. Last year, there were notable promotions that coincided with major events like the FIFA World Cup and special holidays like Christmas. Some bonus deals in the Bitcoin sports betting scene gave away hundreds of BTC to lucky players.

With a fresh year ahead, a new set of Bitcoin casino bonus offers will certainly be put up for grabs. However, players must be wary of falling into the traps of scam-like gambling platforms. Keep in mind that some of the bonus deals may just serve as baits for bettors to put in more funds. Nevertheless, there is no harm in going for the promotions offered by reputable Bitcoin casinos like FortuneJack.

  1. Never ignore instincts or first impressions. This may sound a little overboard, but it should not be dismissed. Once a player feels uncomfortable or suspicious about the website, it is time to leave without buts and ifs, even if it has awesome designs and large bonuses. Some Bitcoin casinos are excellent in performing great in the beginning, but then lose steam in the long run. Some even shut down due to system hacks (although not all claims have been verified). Trusting the instincts can save some bitcoins, after all.
  1. Just like in school, conduct some research on online gambling. Instead of academic studies, however, players must analyze, scrutinize, and assess the reputation and credibility of their chosen websites. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin casino market promotes anonymity, so finding information about the platforms and their operators will be challenging if not impossible.
  1. Prioritize the ‘transparent’ Bitcoin casinos. By this it means that bettors should put first on their list those sites that are not afraid to share essential details about the brand. For instance, casinos that show who its operators are, what their plans in the future are, and where they are from are more likely to provide high-quality and honest Bitcoin gambling services.
  1. Do not be afraid to explore the Bitcoin casino market, but be practical. While being loyal with a Bitcoin casino is what the brands want their players to be, there is nothing wrong with playing in a variety of casinos. After all, this is highly advised, provided that they pick the reputable and trustworthy platforms. It is, however, important for the players to remember that the Bitcoin casino bonus deals are covered by wagering requirements. Likewise, not all brands may offer provable fairness and anonymous betting. Nonetheless, expect this niche to showcase the advantages of Bitcoin in online casinos. While exploring the games and rewards offered by the casinos is a must, it is equally essential to practice  responsible gambling with Bitcoin.
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