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5 Memorable Moments That Defined Roman Reigns’ WWE Career

Roman Reigns, molded to become the face of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has taken a hiatus from professional wrestling after revealing his battle with leukemia.

Known outside the ring as Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, Reigns’ leukemia has been in remission since 2008 but has returned recently. As a result, the wrestler and former footballer had to relinquish his title at the October 22 episode of WWE Raw.

To remember the illustrious career of Roman Reigns, here are five of his most important shows under the WWE.

1| WWE Debut at Survivor Series 2012

After spending years in NXT, one of WWE’s developmental divisions, Reigns appeared first on television screens as part of the three-man stable The Shield. Together with wrestlers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, Reigns announced the team’s existence in the 2012 Survivor Series by interfering the match from the audience’s seats.


2| WWE Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules 2013

Reigns got his first WWE title at Extreme Rules where he, together with Rollins, beat the Team Hell No duo of Daniel Bryan and Kane for the Tag Team Championship. At the same event, Ambrose won the WWE United States Championship—also his first—leading to the iconic pose, in which each of The Shield members held up a WWE belt.

3| WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series 2015

The Shield disbanded in 2014. A year later, former stablemates Reigns and Ambrose met at Survivor Series for the Heavyweight Championship, a belt vacated when former The Shield member Rollins injured his knee. Reigns won the belt by a pinfall, and he celebrated for a couple of minutes before he lost the title to Sheamus almost immediately. Reigns regained the title matches later.


4| WWE United States Championship at Clash of Championship 2016

At SummerSlam 2016, Reigns and champion Rusev was set to wrestle for the United States Championship belt, but a pre-match brawl deemed the fight a no contest. Later, Reigns successfully took the belt away from Rusev, becoming only the 28th Triple Crown champion—the winner of a world championship, a secondary championship, and a tag team championship—in WWE.

5| WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam 2018

When the WWE Universal Championship was left vacant, Reigns took a shot at the belt. When Brock Lesnar held the belt, Reigns tried to take it away. Both times, he failed. However, Reigns finally got the title at SummerSlam, finishing Lesnar with the signature Spear before winning via pinfall.

Reigns held the Universal Championship belt for 64 days before vacating it this Monday. He was supposed to defend the title in a triple-threat match at the WWE Crown Jewel on November 2 in Saudi Arabia.

With his withdrawal, only former champion Lesnar and long-time pursuer Braun Strowman—two of the three in the aforementioned triple-threat title fight—will contest for the now-vacant Universal Championship belt.

As of early October 23, most online sportsbooks have yet to update their odds to accommodate clear favorite Reigns pulling out of the match. Nevertheless, current odds suggest that bookies fancied Strowman to finally win the belt against Lesnar. 1xBet has Strowman at 5/1 and Lesnar at 7/1. Reigns, meanwhile, was at 1/5. Grosvenor also has Strowman as a favorite with +375 with Lesnar’s +600.




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