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5 SiGMA 2017 Programs Every Attendee Should Check Out

SIGMA 2017 will have more delegates, exhibitors, and agendas than last year’s event did. The fourth largest iGaming show in Malta, this conference will run from Nov. 22 to 25 at the Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre.

There will be many interesting agendas in this year’s SiGMA and some may run simultaneously with others. It is important for delegates to carefully pick the ones they want to attend before the start of the conference. To help everyone who will be present in the event, here are five agendas that delegates should not miss:

1. SEO Masterclass

SiGMA is the largest iGaming show in Malta and is all set on Nov. 22-25. The 4th SiGMA offers more exhibitors and agendas than the event last year.
The SEO agenda will provide a step-by-step guide to having an in-house or external SEO Team. It will cover everything in creating a team such as hiring members of the team and creating an employee manual for them. The speaker is Gary Beal or GaryTheScubaGuy from the Vanguard Online Media Group. Beal has more than 20 years of experience in hiring an effective team for SEO/SMO/PPC projects.

2. The European Fantasy Sports Summit

This conference covers most aspects of the popular fantasy sports and its role in the iGaming market. This includes the state of the daily fantasy sports industry and challenges that operators may face when introducing it to the European market. Speakers for this agenda are CEOs from top branded daily sports providers. This includes Jeffrey Haas from DraftKings and Jindrich Rajchl.

3. Blockchain & Disruptive Tech Conference

The Blockchain conference covers Bitcoin and another aspect of cryptocurrencies that can influence the iGaming market. Some of the subjects covered by the conference include the risk management of Bitcoin for gaming operators. There is even a subject on understanding initial coin offering (ICO) and how it differs from IPO.

4. Regulatory Conference (KPMG eSummit)

This agenda is co-organized by the KPMG in Malta in order to help operators, regulators, advisers, and service providers. This includes a comparison of the regulations across different regions. This conference will have #WeAlWantToPlay, KPMG’s Diversity Initiative for the Gambling & Betting Sector. This subject takes on gender diversity in the industry. Since the event is co-organized by KPMG, there will be speakers from the organization for this conference. This includes Micky Swindale, head of Advisory Services and Business Development for the Isle of Man and Gibraltar subsidiary of KPMG.

5. Payments & Risk

This conference covers payment option and the banking fraud. One of the subjects talks about how fraud can affect an operator’s business and how to effectively combat it. There will also be a series of subjects regarding payments in various regions such as Africa and the Middle East. Speakers for this event include CEOs and directors from payment solution providers. This includes Roderick Psaila, CEO of AgriBank Plc. Psaila is a qualified banker who has a Masters in Economics from the University of Malta and had an 18-year career with the Central Bank of Malta.



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