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5 Viral Sporting Moments That Filled up Social Media in 2018

The year 2018 has provided multiple sporting moments that have filled the minds of sports fans. Here are five of the most viral sports clips this year.

This past year, sports fans and bettors around the world were witnesses to many exhilarating matches that will be forever stored in their memories.

In the NCAA, the no. 16 seed UMBC trashed the first seed Virginia by 20 points for the biggest upset in college basketball. On the rink, the Vegas Golden Knights won the hearts of ice hockey fans as they reached the Stanley Cup Finals in the first year of the Nevada-based franchise.

Those two are not the only events that have entered history. Here are five best sporting moments that became viral on social media this 2018:

1| Brady Can’t Catch

He might be the best passer in American football, but Tom Brady sure is not the best receiver. Third and five in the opposite half during the Super Bowl LII, the New England Patriots ran a trick play which left Brady—the quarterback—time and space to catch a football. He failed.

To add insult to injury, the opposing Philadelphia Eagles successfully ran a similar play for a touchdown won the Super Bowl.


2| “I Thought We Were Ahead”

After grabbing the offensive rebound in a deadlocked game, with less than four seconds to win the first game of the NBA Finals for the team, a usual professional basketball player would most likely shoot the ball for the winner.

But JR Smith is not the usual basketball player as he bizarrely dribbled away the ball—and his Cleveland Cavaliers’ hopes for a victory—to the disgust of his teammate LeBron James. His reason? He thought the Cavs were leading.

The veteran guard later explained that he was aware that they were tied, contrary to video evidence. Nonetheless, the Cavs lost the game, the NBA Finals, and James after that season.

3| Two Howlers in the Biggest Game of Karius’ Life

As the saying goes, no matter how many goals a soccer goalie saves, people will only remember those he missed. The proverb was proven true by Loris Karius, who shipped away two easy goals in the biggest soccer game in Europe, the UEFA Champions League Final.

The first blunder was when he bowled the ball straight to the opposing striker, while he failed a straightforward catch for the second. Both resulted in goals. The catch? His Liverpool lost by only two goals, 1-3.

The disgraced goalkeeper was then shipped from England to Turkey the following transfer season, where he still occasionally makes some mistakes.


4| Two Koreas Under One Flag

Divided by a demilitarized border, athletes from North and South Korea have entered the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang under a single banner, the Korean Unification Flag. The combined entrance for the two was significant not just for sporting reasons but also for diplomacy. The two countries in the Korean peninsula are still at war with each other.

The two Koreas only combined for one sport, though. The unified Korean women’s ice hockey team finished last in the preliminary round, losing thrice in three games.

5| “Because I’m a Woman, You Are Going to Take This Away from Me?”

After incurring two court violations—for coaching and for racket abuse—in the US Open final, Serena Williams seemed to have lost her cool and called the umpire a thief for stealing a point from her. That statement cost her a game, which caused yet another outburst from Williams in which she accused the referee, among other things, of sexism.

While Williams did not win the trophy, she was still the focus of the spotlight as the incident caused debates regarding perceived sexism and racism in tennis.


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