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8 Video Poker Game Variants That Give High Returns

Video poker is a fast and automatic version of the five-card stud poker. Here are eight variants that makes the five-card stud interesting to any player.

Video poker is a staple game in any online casino. The game uses the complex rules of poker and the quick gameplay of video slots. Video poker players love how the game allows them to use their skills to increase their chances of gaining a good hand. They also love the tiered payouts that depend on the value of their hands.

Most video poker variants follow the five-card draw poker rule in which players use five cards to create their poker hand. Players can choose to exchange up to five cards or decide to keep all five drawn cards. Game developers make the simple five-card poker rule interesting by using different rules on payout rates and certain card results in a game. Here are eight popular video poker variants you can play with.

1| Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better Power PokerJacks or Better is the most common video poker variant in any casino. It typically has a payout percentage of up to 99.54 percent with a 5-coin bet and rewards lucky players who catch a Royal Flush with 4,000 coins. Anyone new to poker can get a good grasp of the basic rules of the card game with this variant. The Jacks or Better payout percentage makes the game one of the more popular poker variants online.

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2| Tens or Better

As the name indicates, this variant pays out when players get a pair of 10s or higher. New players may believe that the wide safety net provided by the Tens or Better hand makes this variant suitable for beginners. But Jacks or Better has a better payback rate than this variant because of the larger safety net. The Tens or Better variant has a return of 99.13 percent, which is lower than Jacks or Better’s 99.54 percent with a 5-coin bet.

3| Deuces Wild

Every Deuce or 2 cards are wild cards that substitute every card in Deuces Wild. What makes this variant interesting is its payout rate of 100.76 percent with a 5-coin bet. Players can expect better return from Deuces Wild than the Jacks or Better video poker.

Because of the high return rate, the payout rates for many winning combinations in Deuces Wild are lower than other video poker variants. There are no payouts for Pairs or Two Pairs in this game. Players need to also get at least a Three of a Kind to get back their bet amount.

4| Double Bonus

Double Bonus PokerThe payback rate of Double Bonus poker ensures a better rate of return than the Jacks or Better variant. With a 5-coin bet, Double Bonus will give lucky players 100.17 percent back which is slightly lower than Deuces Wild’s return rate.

What makes Double Bonus different is the three Four-of-a-Kind winning combinations. A Four-of-a-Kind hand with 5s or higher has the lowest payout of the three combinations. Cards with 2s, 3s, and 4s that form a Four of a Kind provide a better payout than do cards with 5s and higher. Four Aces reward players with a payout rate that is second to the highest in the game.

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5| Aces and Eights

A lighter version of Double Bonus poker is Aces and Eights. The variant’s payback rate of 99.78 percent is lower than the Double Bonus variant’s rate of 100.17 percent when players have a go at the game with a 5-coin bet. But this variant has a better payback rate than the Jacks or Better game which is 99.54 percent.

This variant also puts an emphasis on Four-of-a-Kind combinations. Using certain cards to form a Four-of-a-Kind hand will give a better payout. One of these cards includes the 7 which can give players 50 times their bets. Four Aces or 8s can reward players with 80 times their bet amount.

6| Jokers Wild

This variant introduces the Joker card which brings the total cards used in the game to 53, compared to the usual 52. The added wild card allows the variant to give a payback rate of 100.64 percent with a 5-coin bet. It is nearly as high as the Deuces Wild’s return rate of 100.76 percent.

The Joker is a wild card that can act as a substitute for any card. With the Joker, players can form a Five of a Kind and a wild Royal Flush combination. Both pay out 200 and 100 times a player’s bet, respectively.

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7| Deuces and Joker

As the name implies, this variant uses Deuce cards as wild cards and includes Joker wild cards. Despite the five wild cards of the game, the return rate is only 99.06 percent on a 5-coin bet. This payback rate is lower than Tens or Better’s rate of 99.13 percent.

What makes Deuces and Joker stand out is the payout rate of a natural Royal Flush which can reach 800 times a players bet. Another is the five-wild combination that pays 2,000 times the player’s bet. Players find it difficult to get all five cards, hence the high payout of the combination. Players can easily achieve a natural Royal Flush hand since there are four possible sets for the combination.

8| Bonus Deuces Wild

Another variant that combines two rules is the Bonus Deuces Wild which adds new hand combinations. Because of the combination of two variant rules, the payback percentage of Bonus Deuces Wild with a 5-coin bet is at 99.86 percent only. This is far lower than Deuces Wild’s return rate of 100.76 percent.

Three of the variant’s combinations are five-of-a-kind hands that are similar to the four-of-a-kind hands in the Double Bonus variant. Five 3s, 4s, or 5s pay 40 times the players’ bet while a Five Ace combination gives 80 times the wager amount. Forming a Five of a Kind with other cards will give only 20 times the player’s bet.

The Bonus Deuces Wild variant has four Deuces with Ace combination that pays 400 times a player’s bet amount. This payout rate is higher than the Deuces Wild’s combination of four Deuces which only gives 200 times. In addition, the natural Royal Flush hand in Bonus Deuces Wild pays 800 times a player’s bet instead of the payout rate in Deuces Wild which is just 300 times the wager.

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