Alternative Games Diversify Bitcoin Gambling

Alternative Bitcoin-Powered GamesBitcoin is a versatile innovation that has successfully opened various portals of opportunities. One of which is the rise of Bitcoin gambling industry.

Online players are introduced to a wide selection of high-caliber casino and betting games that yield excitement and lucrative rewards.

Bitcoin games, however, are not limited to the classic and all-time favorite casino games. Here are three of the most renowned alternative Bitcoin-powered games that bettors can try for a refreshing Bitcoin gaming experience.

Crypto Collider

Bitcoiners who are more of a science geek will certainly enjoy the unique gameplay offered by Crypto Collider.

This Bitcoin game’s structure is composed of eight holes and nine lever-like covers, which have specific equivalents that make up for the game results.

The objective of this game is similar to that of the famous pinball game. The only difference is that players must shoot their wagered cryptocurrencies on to the winning hole.

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Unlike the usual Bitcoin gambling games that rely on luck, Crypto Collider requires wits and skills, especially when it comes to physics, in order to hit the big win.

Other than its eccentric game structure, Crypto Collider is known to accept a vast selection of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, NXT, Primecoin, Litecoin, and more. This makes the skill and strategy physics game the perfect gaming spot for the cryptocurrency community.

Flying Satoshi

Another interesting addition to the Bitcoin game library is Flying Satoshi. Released in February this year, this game is greatly inspired by the famous mobile app Flappy Bird.

Similar to Flappy Bird, the aim of Flying Satoshi is to score as high as possible by flying through the pillars of the field without getting struck.

The great thing about this game is its simple navigation. Players just have to strategically hit the spacebar in order to control their character’s flight.

This game can also be played solo—good for starting players—and in tournament mode, which yields more excitement and high Bitcoin rewards.

Ultimately, the distance covered by the user determines the score and the amount of Bitcoin to be given to the players. This means that the player receives higher Bitcoin rewards the further the distance covered.

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Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin users who are more of a relaxed gamer should definitely try Bitcoin Billionaire.

This game, which garnered an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from mainstream users, is an idle clicker game that entertains and informs player about the world of Bitcoin. It joins the roster of Bitcoin mobile games that provide an alternative to the excitement brought by the mobile Bitcoin casino games.

The goal of this game is to build up the players ranking and fortune starting from scratch. As the game progresses, players will be able to upgrade their workstation, build Bitcoin investments, and purchase different kinds of in-game perks.

Other than its interactive gameplay, Bitcoin Billionaire is flocked because of its ability to educate players more about the cryptocurrency. Through small in-game purchases, players will be able to learn on how to transact and manage their Bitcoin—clearly with an aim to promote Bitcoin through mobile games.

The experience brought by this game can certainly be applied in real-life transactions, making this game the perfect guidebook for Bitcoin starters.