Anonymity: 3 Steps New Bitcoin Bettors Can Hide Identities


Bitcoin offers anonymity even in online gambling. Here are 3 surefire ways to increase player anonymity without hampering potential to win and get entertained.

Hide IdentitiesBitcoin gambling sets itself apart from real-money gambling in several ways. Aside from the obvious aspects of the currency used and the payment processes employed, it offers features unique to the digital currency, which enables for a provably fair and anonymous gambling.

Granted that player anonymity is already a given in a Bitcoin casino, there are still methods that enable individuals to track transactions, opening possibilities to expose personal credentials of players. Here are the surefire ways bettors may increase anonymity while wagering on the Bitcoin games:

1.) Use multiple wallets for deposits and betsAnonymity

For players who are conscious about their real identities, it is wise to use multiple wallets for various transactions. This may pertain to creating an account for each of the wallet providers. However, this process is rather taxing, so opting to acquire services of the software that offers this feature is recommended. It is important to note, though, that Bitcoin casinos usually require account registration. Therefore, it will be smart to use a wallet for each betting platform for depositing as well as collecting winnings and Bitcoin casino bonus deals.

2.) Wager on games directly without registering for an account

While signing up is a common practice in online gambling, Bitcoin betting sites have the luxury of receiving bets from players worldwide sans the need for an account. Sending wagers to the Bitcoin wallet address specified for the corresponding bet eliminates the possibility for unwarranted access to details like the email address. Although Bitcoin casinos ensure that the provided email addresses will serve as a method to recover lost or forgotten passwords, such information may be acquired when hackers compromise the system.

3.) Create an alternative email account exclusive for Bitcoin gambling

This is one of the unwritten rules in online gambling, whether with digital or fiat currencies. Having an account solely used for gambling will help prevent the likelihood of uncovering bits of information that reveal or lead to the real identity of the player. Performing this practice also proves to be a preventive measure in cases of hacks and other threats.

Remaining anonymous in the Bitcoin gambling market may sound trivial to some, but this matter may be considered essential by others. What every Bitcoin gambler needs to keep in mind, however, is that there is no such thing as sheer anonymity; instead, there are ways to decrease their footprint in the world of Bitcoin gambling.

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