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Armed Raid, Tech Problem Caused SealsWithClubs’ Demise


SealsWithClubs is never coming back, and that is final.

Bitcoin poker enthusiasts were surprised to learn that what was then the largest Bitcoin-only poker site officially shut down after being absent from the gambling scene for nine days.

There were speculations that the website was hacked, causing it to put the poker site under maintenance. This, however, was quickly cleared by the management on its Twitter account that the problem at hand then was a hardware failure.

However, the story began to take a 360-degree turn when former SealsWithClubs Chairman Bryan Micon shared in a video what really happened behind the unfortunate exit of arguably the most successful poker room running on the digital currency.

Bryan MiconMicon: It is story time

According to the five-minute video on YouTube, Micon’s home was raided by armed police on Feb. 11, the day the site went offline:

“A bunch of guys with guns broke down my door, put me in handcuffs, serving a warrant from the Nevada Gaming Commission regarding Seals with Clubs and bitcoin poker.”

Within the following hours, police seized the majority of his electronic devices. It becomes apparent that operating in Nevada sans a gambling license–thereby making Seals an unlicensed Bitcoin gambling platform–led to the raid and confiscation, which also raises questions regarding Bitcoin gambling in Las Vegas.

He also said the technical problem also played a part in the shutting down of the site, citing the server problem hosted by Voxility in Romania.

This problem, paired with the raid, caused the management team to quit SealsWithClubs, according to Micon.

MessageAll players must withdraw their funds

Posted on its website is a notice posted on Feb. 20 to urge its customers to withdraw any remaining balance. It also mentioned that Micon’s team will continue operating a Bitcoin poker site that will run on the software package for SwC 2.0.

There was, however, no clear period as to how long withdrawals will be permitted. A vague statement in the notice suggests that withdrawals may run for ‘at least a few months of availability.’

Bitcoin poker 2.0 currently in the works

Now headed by Micon and his team, which are currently based in Antigua, a new Bitcoin poker platform will soon be launched. It is hosted at, and will feature a reinvented poker room for Bitcoin casino and poker enthusiasts.

The new domain is live as of the moment, and it contains another video of Micon also shot in the Caribbean region.



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