Atari Sets up Ethereum Casino Inside Decentraland


Atari’s foray into the blockchain ecosystem continues on with the upcoming launch of Atari Casino, an Ethereum blockchain casino digitally built inside Decentraland.

In partnership with Decentral Games, Atari is setting up a cryptocurrency casino on a 20-parcel estate situated in the Casino Quarter of Decentraland’s Vegas City

A blog posted by Decentral Games reveals what players can expect to see in the casino: 

“Look forward to Atari-themed games, where nostalgia-inducing games are brought back with a twist. There will be games of luck, and games combining skill and luck. There will also be an ‘Atari special’ game where you can win by skill instead of pure luck. With all these new games, we anticipate more new players to join our community very soon!”

Users enjoying the truly decentralized gaming experience in Decentraland can play a variety of games based on luck, skill, and even both using MANA, Decentraland’s cryptocurrency; DAI, a stablecoin, and ATRI, Atari’s very own token. 

The new Atari Casino marks the global brand’s latest blockchain project under the leadership of CEO Frederic Chesnais, following Atari’s venture into blockchain with The Sandbox in 2020. 

With the new partnership, Atari will give 88-percent of the profits generated by the Atari Casino to Decentral Games’ treasury. The maker of the iconic Asteroids game will also stake $DG in DAO Governance and will share voting rights with the community in regard to game development.

As for the Atari Casino launch, Decentral Games will announce in April the official Atari casino launch party, featuring the platinum-selling DJ and producer Dillon Francis

Compared to fiat and Bitcoin casino sites, Atari Casino will only be accessible to players in Decentraland and will fully run on the Ethereum blockchain.

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