BAC Card Shows Advantages for BTC Casino Growth

BuyAnyCoin Card

The Bitcoin casino market has already established itself as an independent industry in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Garnering a significant amount of traffic, this market has already stabilized its ground and continues to upgrade its services for the well-being of its current patrons.

However, despite the evident popularity of Bitcoin casinos, these venues seem to only attract users that are adept in the cryptocurrency technology.

Notwithstanding the limitations, the Bitcoin casino market can still become a ‘newbie-friendly’ Bitcoin entertainment hub through promoting Bitcoin products and services that are geared toward the benefit of novice cryptocurrency users.

BuyAnyCoin—the gateway for the average Bitcoin gambler

Today, several Bitcoin startups have emerged with the goal to push mainstream Bitcoin acceptance. One of which is the Alaska-based Bitcoin startup BuyAnyCoin, which carries a revolutionary product that is intended for tranquil Bitcoin and altcoin access.

BuyAnyCoin aims to take Bitcoin functionality to the mainstream by using their product—the BuyAnyCoin (BAC) prepaid card, which is different from the Bitcoin credit cards like the Nanocard MasterCard.

The BAC card functions as a bridge for average consumers to acquire various cryptocurrencies without the complications of the current Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges.

According to BuyAnyCoin Founder Thor Thurneau, Bitcoin is already at the inevitable point of mainstream acceptance. However, Bitcoin companies tend to develop current technologies that are in fact complicated for new users to begin with; therefore, this hinders the currency’s complete penetration of the mass market.

How BuyAnyCoin Card Works

Simplistic accessibility and functionality

Thurneau has come up with a solution that is deemed to reinvent cryptocurrency accessibility through the BuyAnyCoin card.  He said in the BuyAnyCoin promotional video that the prevalent cryptocurrency hindrances will be eliminated through the use of its prepaid card:

“This is a marketing problem, this is an accessibility problem. BuyAnyCoin is the universal solution for these problems—the central hub and the access point for digital currency. ”

In addition, these cards will be available in common convenient stores for maximum consumer accessibility.

Apart from its accessibility features, the BAC card also only requires simple methods for the activation process since the technology used for this product is similar to the conventional prepaid card, thereby allowing users to easily grasp the concept of the Bitcoin card.

Upon purchase, users only need to activate the card at the store’s register. From there, they just have to redeem the code, which will enable them to purchase the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Thurneau said that through this method, consumers are now able to enjoy the advantages of Bitcoin and altcoins because of the simplicity and familiarity of his product, regardless of their technological background:

“With BuyAnyCoin’s marketing strategy, the average individual is finally given direct physical access to a virtual product. This is the best gateway to adoption, giving the customer something they already know and connecting it to something they want to use — digital currency.”

BAC card reinforces Bitcoin casino newcomers

The reason behind Bitcoin casinos’ audience limitation is its rather complex for beginners, particularly in its cryptocurrency aspect.

One example of these difficulties is the process of purchasing bitcoins for the users’ bankroll allotted for wagering on Bitcoin games. Following the traditional method, users can purchase Bitcoin from various Bitcoin exchanges online.

BuyAnyCoin Card in Bitcoin Casinos

However, these platforms function in a way only experienced Bitcoin consumers will understand.

Disregarding these complications, novice Bitcoin users are now able to effortlessly purchase and reload BTC for their Bitcoin casino accounts through BuyAnyCoin’s product. In fact, users are also provided with a wider range of cryptocurrency gambling options since BAC cards can also be used for Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple purchases.

These advantages can positively affect the growing population of Bitcoin players. In addition, BAC cards can boost venue distinction especially for altcoin accepting casinos like Betcoin Casino and SatoshiBet.

Nevertheless, the introduction of the BAC card can aid new Bitcoin gamblers with their transition toward the industry through its user-friendly services and features. Likewise, the Bitcoin casino market can still thrive and develop despite its already marvelous attainment in the Bitcoin ecosystem.



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