Bali Opens Doors for Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, Creatives via Bali Bitcoin Binge 2014

Bali Bitcoin Binge

More innovations with the Bitcoin technology will soon initiate improvements in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Entrepreneurs and influencers work their minds and hearts to produce ideas and results aimed at creating new or enhancing existing markets. The Bitcoin casino market, among numerous others, is included.

While the common venue for Bitcoin entrepreneurs, creatives, and startups to meet, share notes, and partner with each other are the conferences and expos held in industrialized settings like plazas and hotels, a new breeding ground for Bitcoin innovations is set to open. Anyone interested should pack his bags and prepare for an adventurous trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Regarded as the largest and fastest growing BitcoBitcoin Indonesiain hub in Southeast Asia, Bali welcomes bitcoiners to the first-ever Bali Bitcoin Binge (B3) gathering, which will host 12 Bitcoin entrepreneurs for a two-week stay in the tropical paradise from Dec. 5 to 19.

With its transformation to become a Bitcoin island, Bali is the perfect place for the great minds from various fields to collaborate with each other, learn, and inspire to build products that will defy the current challenges that hamper full adoption of the digital currency.

The B3 event, which is set to take place in Ubud or more commonly known as Hubud (Hub-in-Ubud), will be hosted by Gary Dykstra, the Head Bitcoin in Bali. He will be joined by Eddy Azar, a growth hacking freelancer for BTC, and Stamen Gorchev, founder of and

Selected entrepreneurs will be treated to scrumptious healthy meals, yoga, dancing, and meditation sessions, as well as diving, paragliding, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and mountain climbing to name a few activities.

In addition, participants will get to experience surfing in the beach and be part of the local ceremonies. All these while networking with fellow Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

The B3 2014 event is open to all interested individuals who wish to take part in the creation of new Bitcoin products. The Bitcoin Warrior package, which costs 1.25 BTC, entitles participants to a list of benefits specifically tailored for Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

With a new approach to networking and collaborating ideas, this venture presents an opportunity for bitcoiners to deliver fresh, inspiring, and groundbreaking products that will intensify the presence of Bitcoin and its markets.

Indeed, the future for Bitcoin is bright, even more so in the Bitcoin games market once all the innovations become available, be they about payment processes, gaming technology, or security.