BC Casino Supports Bitcoin Community, Reinvests Into the Protocol


BC Casino General Manager Brian Cosmin reveals BC Casino’s aim to support the community while providing enjoyment through its secured gambling services.

BC Casino

BC Casino boasts a rather long history in the Bitcoin casino market as compared to most of the brands at present. Unlike others, however, it has no plans of supporting other cryptocurrencies, as revealed by Brian Cosmin, general manager of BC Casino.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with him for an exclusive interview.

How did BC Casino come to life?

Our group of companies has always been at the very forefront of web technologies. When we first had a look into bitcoin back in the year 2010 we recognized that virtual crypto currencies would be a perfect match to online gambling venues and decided to give it a try.

BC Casino was and still is a pilot project into crypto currencies. We wanted to explore and collect as much information as possible about the bitcoin ecosystem and the associated bitcoin community. It took about six months to have it fully operational and two months of testing before lunching it to the public.

BC Casino quoteBC Casino has been in operation for quite some time already. What have been the greatest accomplishments so far?

When we first started operation, we introduced the concept of paying back to the depositing address. This concept was later used for the most successful blockchain games like Satoshidice which was a small revolution back then. We also enjoy supporting, funding and donating most of our profit to bitcoin related businesses or associations.

What makes your brand a hit among the players?

We do offer a large amount of diversified casino games with most impressive graphic and sound quality within the online gaming industry. We also have very low costs of operations, fully automated payment system and no charge backs.

If there is one characteristic that makes your platform innovative, what would it be?

The ongoing simple-to-understand bonus program we have in place gives players additional cash to enjoy online casino gambling at no additional costs and no hidden rules. This is only possible thanks to the bitcoin technology.

BC Casino GamesTell me, Brian, do you see high demand for Bitcoin casinos at this time?

The demand is there. The number of bitcoin gambling operations has grown significantly in the last two years, but the net profit has decreased. The problem is not competition but the unethical practice like the scam sites demanding ransom to remove fake negative reviews or gambling business closing doors with players’ funds. This is not helping bitcoin to evolve, and it gives a negative image to potential investors and new adopters.

Can you walk us through your plans for BC Casino? Expanding soon?

We want to introduce a new provably fair gambling solution to players while further increasing our game portfolio. We will continue to support new ideas and development in the bitcoin industry. We are actively developing our provably fair system into our platform. It’s a heavy task and not trivial at all if done correctly. We do have other ongoing project to add mobile games as well as some other bitcoin games with novelty concepts that will be launched under a new brand.

Granted that the games aren’t provably fair, how can bettors trust the security of the platform?

Our games have been audited by reputable gambling testing third parties companies and external auditors. We put lot of effort in securing our platform but like any other online operation we are not unbreakable. Thanks to bitcoin, players can withdraw their balance for free after their playing session and by that increase their own security. We keep most of players’ funds in a cold wallet outside from our gambling platform.

BC Casino solely runs on Bitcoin. Do you think it will stabilize in the future?

Definitely. More and more businesses are created around bitcoin. A lot of VC gets injected every month in the bitcoin ecosystem. The exchange markets are getting more professional and give access to global capital which will further stabilize the bitcoin economy.

If so, how do you think Bitcoin will improve as a reliable form of payment?

More global adoption but new killing applications like Openbazzar and Counterparty are only two names that will bring bitcoin to the next level.

What advice do you wish to share with new Bitcoin casinos in the market?

Do not go after quick bitcoins. Give back to players and to bitcoin.

That’s helpful, indeed. Thank you for your time; it’s a real pleasure!

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