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Best Gaming Dapp 0xUniverse Lays Foundation for Future Blockchain Projects

Conquer the universe and indulge in the blockchain-based lore: Prestigiously awarded gaming dApp 0xUniverse puts virtual property into perspective by empowering users to earn Ether

With constant improvement and upgrades, 0xUniverse reshaped the way virtual property is purposefully employed and perceived among the community of players. The storyline unravels a unique story as players continue to colonize legendary planets and form an increasingly complete picture of what happened in the Galaxy before humanity began its expansion beyond its native planet.

The blockchain game developers 0xGames pride themselves on producing yet another Gaming dApp called 0xUniverse which enables players to interactively build spaceships, colonize planets, and in return collect a portion of Ethereum. Each player starts off by purchasing a planet which come in different “rarity forms” (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary), and exploit several resources that are obtained by it on a daily basis (People, Knowledge, Silver, Nickel, Zinc, Platinum, Uranium, etc). Resources are put to use when a player decides to build a spaceship. Some resources contribute to engine’s power which increases the chance of finding a planet, whereas, for example, other resources boost radar’s capacity thereby surging the chances of finding a rarer planet.

0xUniverse Planets

Once colonized, 0xUniverse ecosystem allows players to auction their planet in a digital marketplace and collect Ethereum. Suffice it to say that some legendary planets go as high as 10 ETH price-wise.

The current 0xUniverse development visionary Mike Zelenin discusses dApp’s mission to elevate the crypto gaming market:

“We hope that our game will be one of the cornerstones of an emerging crypto gaming market, which is indeed in its early stages. And we believe our game will help both traditional game enthusiasts and crypto gaming fans realize that there are benefits to having a serious project on the blockchain. Hopefully, smaller development teams, seeing our example, will be encouraged to create engaging games based on the principles and mechanics we used. Generally speaking, we want other game industry companies to see this market is not full of scams and that code transparency and middleman-free conditions are the things that help this market to expand.”

Months after its release, 0xUniverse became available on mobile for both Android and iOS. Its 3.0 update was also recently released, providing significant improvements on the interface and user experience.

Blockchain technology and video games are on an unavoidable collision course. It is speculated that about 3% of current players pay for virtual goods (sets, skills, items, land, gear, weapons, etc). If these virtual goods are transfigured from representing single-use items into long-term, multi-functional features or investment strategy, it is undeniable that the percentage will grow and players will be much more prone to good-value purchases.

Using this model as a foundation for 0xUniverse, the company invites players to exploit the unending possibilities and gains which hide an ample of Easter eggs. The revenue model that 0xUniverse developed does not only favor the creators, but also the avid players. 0xUniverse enchanted the players by implementing state-of-the-art visuals and outstanding graphics that are exceeding the expectations and pushing the boundaries of what dApps stand for. This is a game-changer which all other crypto games should look up to.

0xGames GamesWith other games such as 0xWarriors and 0xBattleships as well as 0xUniverse recording growing amount of players, 0xGames have been receiving awards for the Best Remotely Developed Game by GameNode Hackathon 2018, and proclaimed as the Best dApp by

0xWarriors, which was officially launched in June, is linked to Ethereum, TRON, and EOS blockchains, and will now support the NEO blockchain. 0xRacers, which gathered more than $100,000 in its presale in the same month, will join 0xWarriors on the NEO blockchain platform.

*  *  *  *

0xUniverse inhabitants are always on the move, and that’s why they have radio transmissions broadcasting communications via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. You can always catch up with them, and unravel the mysteries lurking in the ever-expanding 0xUniverse.

Images from 0xGames




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