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Best Online Poker Tips to Help You Win and Have Fun

Love playing poker online? These effective online poker tips will help you win more and have fun whether you're playing on PC or mobile.

Tip #1 Uncertainty means no folding!

Being a good player means that you can lay a top pair good hand once you’re beaten. However, this is immensely hard, since we always want to win and see what our opponents have in stock. So, whenever you’re unsure about the current situation, it’s perfectly okay to call, fold or bet and raise. Unfortunately, if you don’t want to lose massively, it’s good practice to fold.

Moreover, you can study the hand that you folded, if it was the right move. Only this way you can learn and become better at poker. After all it is a bit like a science of its own in a way.

Tip #2 When you sense weakness, attack!

It’s best advice to notice when your opponent is showing weakness in a heads-up, so you can take advantage of the situation and use a bluffing strategy. You can use semi-bluffs, pure bluffs with nothing hands or some with blocking effects.

Tip #3 Learn Heads-Up.

“Heads-up” is a wonderful way to win big on poker tournaments. Whatever the payout of the tournaments is depending on the online poker room, winners always get the most money out of the prize pool.

It might be a lot to handle when studying “Heads up”, but it’s so worth it, since you can get quite a bit of a score. So, having this once in a few tournaments’ opportunity can really map out the whole profit margin. Generally, it will make your Bitcoin poker experience better.

Tip #4 It’s going to be a long one, buddy.

A tournament can go from 6 p.m. and last until 6 a.m. So, when you start registering for tournaments, know that it’s going to be a long battle until the end. If you have a job the next day, do apply to such events on Friday or take some days off to sleep. However, there are some quick tournaments on poker sites that end in a couple of hours and you can still win decent money.

Tip #5 Get ready for some crazy action!

Whilst there are possibilities for players who call your raise with some outrageous holdings, or the overwhelming number of people that you have to go through, there are many ways in which things can take a turn. So, always make sure to have a bankroll on the side when things get hard—something between 200x or 300x the average buy-in.

Tip #6 Play when you know it’s right.

Poker is a very emotional game, so you should always play when you’re in a good and stable mood. Don’t play when you’re angry, upset or stressed. Especially when you feel tired and uncapable of thinking in the long run, then abort the session and stay away. Your favorite poker sites will still be up the next day, so you won’t lose anything by not participating this time.

Tip #7 Play good poker games.

A good poker game where you have high chance of winning includes:

  • One limping player
  • Re-raises
  • Loads of multiways

It’s good to aim at being better at poker than half the people at your table for a bigger win-rate. However, if you want to get THE best win-rate, you should find the worst poker players.

*  *  *  *

Overall, there are many advanced poker tips and tricks out there to get you ready with your strategy and strengthen your wits. Here we collected some of the most common poker tips to get you started and prepare you for the next steps in your poker journey. Even better, we can help you know how to enjoy online poker with Bitcoin while staying at home.

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