BetBanks Gives Away Free Credits, Promotes Bet Komodo

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BetBanks introduced its exclusive promo involving its sister sportsbook, Bet Komodo, in an aim to promote the latter’s presence in the Bitcoin gambling market.

In an aim to boost the popularity in the Bitcoin gambling scene, BetBanks rolled out July 20 an exclusive offer that credits free $250 to its players, provided that they meet certain criteria involving another sportsbook, Bet Komodo.

Handled by the same online gambling operators, BetBanks and Bet Komodo are working together to become closer to more avid casino and sports bettors, with the former being the more established of the two, imposing the need for players to bet on the other sportsbook to avail of the promo.

“In order to claim, player must have made at least two successful deposits with our other sportsbook and must be in good standing with all bets,” posted by user ItchyNuts on the forum.

Moreover, according to the forum post, the free $250 is not bound by any terms or restrictions, and therefore, this Bitcoin casino bonus can be used for any wager.

With the inclusion of a sportsbook and a casino to the gambling services offered by BetBanks, the promo credit may be used for wagering on the various games available in the online and live casino, as well as in its sportsbook.

However, in the event players who have availed of this promotion have decided to withdraw their funds, they must first ensure that all the free credit has already been wagered before requesting for a cashout. It is mandatory, though, that they wager twice the value of the bonus and that they make deposits of a total amount of $100 on BetBanks and Bet Komodo within the last 30 days.

Furthermore, the BetBanks offer was not made available for players who have previously opened multiple accounts on the platform.

Meanwhile, several hours after the announcement was made on the forum, the same user posted that “no new players accept from an affiliate or agent” and even changed the thread title to ‘ Closed to New Players’.

BetBanks, which feature bitcoin best games and exciting sporting events, together with Bet Komodo, is part of the growing number of online gambling platforms managed by the same team of operators.

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