BetBomb Initiates Innovation in Online Sports Betting


Amid the rise of Bitcoin casino and poker sites, online sports betting continues to drive in large number of bets and players. This is the reason it is not surprising to see new faces on the market like BetBomb.

CEO Patrick Gray’s interest in cryptocurrency aided him to establish his free social sports betting application, which is open to players even in the US and is complete with a VIP program. BetBomb, which runs its own virtual currency called BombBucks, is bound to provide Bitcoin casino enthusiasts more ways to indulge in sports betting. Always-on-the-go players should also look out for its mobile Bitcoin casino to be launched soon.

What can you say makes your website stand out from the rest of the gambling platforms online?

BetBomb is a completely unique application that does not exist anywhere else on the internet. We are a completely free sports betting website where users can compete in contest for cash prizes. We have a patent on our novel concept which combines sports betting and poker into a tournament style contest. Right now Daily Fantasy has taken off and is extremely popular. BetBomb gives another option to users who are more interested in which team wins instead of how well particular players do. The advantages are that you can watch at the team level, risk nothing and win cash.

Would you consider BetBomb revolutionary?

Our website gives US players the ability to gamble online with none of the risk. We invented a new type of game which combines sports betting and poker. If you are an avid poker player, sports enthusiast or just like winning money you will love our site.

How long did it take you to launch your website?

It has taken approximately two years but much of the time was spent on legal due diligence. You need to be extremely cautious when running any type of sports betting application within the United States. Staying within both state and federal regulations has always been our number one priority.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, what are your views on gambling laws and cryptocurrency regulation?

Gambling laws in the United States have changed immensely in the last ten years. It started with carving out a specific law in 2006 specifically for Daily Fantasy. It is now moving in a similar direction for other forms of online gambling. Currently Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legalized a form of regulated online betting. I know that ten other states are applying for similar legalization as well. It may take another ten years but eventually most states will have some form of regulated online gambling. People that disagree with me are probably the same people that thought US states would never legalize marijuana.

How do you see Bitcoin becoming a more reliable and prominent form of payment in general?

It is all about educating the masses. Currently most people don’t even know what Bitcoin is. This will take time but eventually people will realize that it is a more efficient form of currency. Someday walking around with a pocket full of change will only be read about in history books.

Going back to your business, what have been the greatest accomplishments or the best times you have had while operating your website? What has been the most surprising challenge in your project?

I have been playing poker and betting on sports since I was young. Being able to create my own sports betting software has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love coming to work every day and build new functionality that my users love. The biggest challenge has always been staying within the gambling regulations at both a state and federal level. We come up with new and exciting ideas daily but making sure they always stay within regulations can be challenging.

Are there plans to expand in the next few months?

I currently own a few companies but my main focus is on BetBomb. We have had some of the biggest gaming companies, VC firms and Casinos reach out to us regarding strategic partnerships. We are prepping for extreme growth over the next two years where BetBomb will become a house hold name. We are about to launch our new iOS app followed by a Facebook game. I am always thinking of new creative ways to attract new users and Bitcoin helps me do just that.

When it comes to security, what can BetBomb promise its players?

Our system is very secure. We spent a lot of time and money making sure security was a top priority. No site is uncrackable but we have done a lot to make it as secure as possible.

Also, we have many checks and audits automated throughout our system to make sure there is no form of cheating in all contest throughout our site. If we found a player that was cheating we would disqualify them not only from the contest but also from the site.

I wish you and your business the best, Patrick. Thank you very much!