BingoSKY to BingoSpirit: More Fun Bingo Games Onboard

The rebranding of BingoSKY to BingoSpirit took effect on April 18, giving new and existing members improved gaming experience. With the recent change, BingoSKY only proved its continuous growth in the online gaming scene as a leading online bingo room and casino since 20014.

BingoSky, which is powered by Vista Gaming, is a long running bingo room that has been around for more than a decade. The people behind the website believe that it is time for them to make some changes in the site. This includes changing the name of the site to BingoSpirit. The name BingoSpirit is meant to show that the brand is the true essence of an online bingo room.

New name, same service

At this time, players will experience only a few changes on the website. The most notable are the replacement of the BingoSKY logo and name to BingoSpirit.

BingoSpirit offers high-paying promomtions

BingoSpirit will still offer seven different bingo rooms that are brimming with entertaining features. This includes a mini-game window, group chat, and auto dabbing of bingo cards. The website’s casino games are also still intact.

Affiliates of the bingo room are the ones who need to be aware of the rebranding. An affiliate will need to update his website, email signature, and another marketing tool with the new name of the website. BingoSpirit stated that every affiliate has been informed of the rebranding. There are new marketing tools available that contain the new name of the company.

BingoSpirit promotions

BingoSpirit is still offering many amazing promotions and continues its month-long promotions after its rebranding. This includes its Easter Slots Tourney, which runs from April 1 to 30. People who want to join the contest simply play any of the qualifying games to gain points. The person with the most winnings at the end of the contest will receive a $1,000 cash prize while the runner ups will receive bonus credits.

Of course, fiat and Bitcoin bingo is the name of the game at BingoSpirit. Players can look forward to the Big Bingo Event on the April 29. This event will be a Coverall game that has a cash prize up to $50,000 and a minimum prize of $10,000.

Players do not have to wait for the 29th to enjoy the best of BingoSpirit. The site offers speed bingo games every day. The prize of one card is only 35 cents in a game, which has a starting pot of $10 which grows as more players wager.

The best promotion that BingoSpirit has to offer is its Ultimate Bingo Cruise Giveaway. Players have a chance at getting a ticket to an actual bingo cruise that will run across the Caribbean. To join, players simply make a deposit of at least $25 to get one entry. The more player deposits, the more chances he can get to win the bingo cruise trip and other fabulous prizes as well.