Bit-X Ensures Convenience When Trading In Bitcoin

Bit-X Bitcoin Exchange

Fans of Bitcoin slots and online gambling in general are always on the lookout for things that would make their lives easier. This is the reason Bitcoin has become so popular among players at online casinos.

The cryptocurrency cuts past the expensive transaction fees and lengthy approval times, making everything simpler for many people. A lot of players and gambling operators have recognized the Bitcoin casino advantages and have adopted it as a favored currency.

There is a bottleneck, though, when it comes to dealing in Bitcoin: the conversion of bitcoins into other currencies. This is usually done through a Bitcoin exchange. The trouble is that some Bitcoin exchanges do not have all the features that a person need when it comes to Bitcoin transactions. For instance, some exchanges only deal in a specific currency like US dollars.

Savvy Bitcoin gamblers will pick the ideal Bitcoin exchange to do business with to minimize the problems they may face when trading their bitcoins into fiat cash. This is where Bit-X comes in. Based in the UK, this Bitcoin exchange can make a lot of lives easier with its multitude of features.


Convenience foremost

The Bit-X Bitcoin exchange adds several layers of convenience for anyone using their services. First of all is the easy-to-use interface.

Many Bitcoin exchanges have complicated interfaces that would be easy for an expert but would leave many laypeople lost or at least incapable of using them to their full functionality. With Bit-X, users would be able to fully understand what they can do with their accounts.

Second, Bit-X trades in several important currencies, giving users increased flexibility in their trades. The exchange trades primarily in Bitcoin but now also accepts Litecoin. For fiat currencies, Bit-X started out with US dollars, the UK pound, and the Euro. This selection guarantees that over half the world is serviced by the exchange.

A recent addition of the Russian ruble just adds to how much coverage the exchange can give. Furthermore, Bit-X always gives the best possible market prices when trading.

Finally, Bit-X gives its users as much information as possible so that they can best decide on their options. This extends from transparency in terms of user transactions—with people having access to their account activity—to the current state of the market. People are guided to make an informed choice on their trading decisions through the live updates and charts provided.

Bit-X Supported Currencies

Other attractive features

The main trading experience is not the only factor that should attract Bitcoin gamblers to Bit-X. There is the fact that the exchange takes security seriously. It uses a two-factor authentication system to secure accounts, which can make it difficult for any potential hacker to come in and steal the bitcoins inside.

Another feature that many will find useful is the fact that Bit-X has a round-the-clock client support. This makes handling emergencies easier and can have account owners breathe easier.

Bit-X is an ideal partner for any smart Bitcoin gambler who hopes to get the most out of their winnings from playing Bitcoin games on board top casinos online.