Warns Players Of Suspicious Emails



The Internet can be a dangerous place for the unwary. This is especially so for Bitcoin gamblers who have most of their assets in Bitcoin. Bitcoin, while having its advantages, is not immune from being stolen. Clever online hackers who manage to get into a person’s account can quickly empty the funds.

There are many ways a hacker can manage to gain entry to an account. An example would be when a hacker manages to sneak malware on to a computer. Certain pieces of malware allow hackers to monitor what actions are done and steal sensitive information from the users’ files.

Not all hacking approaches are as hi-tech as the one mentioned. A favored approach by many hackers is to do some social engineering. This means taking advantage of how people behave automatically to some situations. For example, when someone who looks like they are in authority asks a person off the street to do something, they usually obey. This is exactly what happened recently to some accounts.

Potential breach

The team recently sent out an advisory to the online casino’s members. The Bitcoin casino discovered that some account holders had received an email address purporting to be from These messages claim that the member’s account has been locked because of several failed authentications. It then presents the member with a link to click to unlock their account. Suspicious Email

The common response from a player who is told of the attempt made to hack into his account is to ensure that the account security is properly set up. Thus, the likelihood for the player to click on the link and enter their login details is high. This is the reason this scheme continues to be effective. This leaves the player unsuspecting that their username and password, as well as other vital details, have already been illegally acquired by the hackers. urges people to be wary of emails claiming to have been sent by the casino’s management. The gambling site suspects that a hacker has managed to get a mailing list of the online casino’s clients and are trying to hack as many accounts as possible. A Bitcoin hacker with access to player accounts can quickly empty it of bitcoin or even use it for other purposes like money laundering.

Protective measures

Fortunately, with’s early warning, players would be aware of any suspicious emails.  The problem is that this probably will not be the only attempt at hacking Bitcoin gamblers will have to face and possibly will not be the last effort of hacking The warning from this Bitcoin casino gave a couple of tips to help, namely to change passwords and use Google Authenticator to ensure a secondary layer of protection when playing Bitcoin games. There are more tips that a smart Bitcoin gambler can follow to ensure account security, though.

First, players should install and update anti-malware software regularly. This ensures that more advanced attempts to hack the computer they use should fail. Second, players should never open an attachment or a link without checking the source first. Links and attachments can be possible vectors for hacking.

Finally, gamblers should be more careful. Using more complicated passwords, being wary about email from strange sources, and other steps toward account security require just a bit of effort for added protection.

The threat of being hacked always hangs over those who use the Internet, whether for business or pleasure. With these tips, online gamblers can feel safer when playing online. As for the casinos, they should be more vigilant in ensuring the security of their players against Bitcoin gambling hacking threats.



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