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Bitcoin Alternatives You Should Use in Gambling: Part 1

No matter where you go, expect Bitcoin to be the first thing to come to mind when cryptocurrency becomes the topic of conversation. But there are alternative cryptocurrencies you can use, especially in online gambling.

Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency ever to be introduced, remains to be the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. It is accepted by most, if not all, crypto-friendly merchants and evidently has the highest adoption rate. 

In online gambling, Bitcoin dominates, too. There are hundreds of online casinos that now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. On top of these, there are casinos that are designed to run exclusively on Bitcoin, along with other selected cryptocurrencies. 

But even though Bitcoin gambling rules, alternative cryptocurrencies that are making waves in online gambling are also worth checking out. With this, here are Bitcoin alternatives that you can use in gambling and why they’re worth playing with.


Ethereum’s Smart Contracts Prove Vital

Ethereum first broke into the cryptocurrency space in 2013 under the leadership of Vitalik Buterin. Development of this crypto began the following year, and it finally went live in 2015. 

A decentralized blockchain technology, Ethereum is powered by the cryptocurrency token Ether (ETH) using its own ERC20 protocol. But what separates Ethereum from the others is its smart contract technology.

All transactions made on the Ethereum blockchain are bound by a smart contract, a set-up that only strengthens the trust between the parties involved. It’s this technology that makes Ethereum gambling worthy of the spotlight.

In fact, many Ethereum gambling dApps have been introduced in the market. Some are focused on dice games, while others are solely for sports betting. But whichever game or genre these gambling dApps focus on, they all provide a reliable, provably fair gaming experience running on Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Other than being a blockchain platform, Ethereum positively impacts the gambling market with its own token. ETH is hands down one of the widely accepted cryptocurrencies among online casinos. If you find a Bitcoin casino, expect that it also accepts Ether. Other than ETH being a popular cryptocurrency, it also gives you fast processing speeds, which are important when it comes to casino payments. 

Bitcoin came under fire because of the rather long time a transaction is processed. With Ether, you can expect much faster transaction speeds. This is why if you play at BitStarz Casino, for example, you’re sure to enjoy using Ether and play ETH coin casino games.


Better Privacy Propels Zcash Users

Zcash may be far from the status of Bitcoin, but it definitely has its own unique selling points. Much like the rest of the cryptocurrencies, Zcash development began in 2013 led by Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. In 2016, the world began to mine ZEC.

While anonymity is at the core of cryptocurrencies in general, Zcash, which is a fork of Bitcoin Core, takes privacy to another level. It uses the zero-knowledge proof technology, which ensures that not a single piece of user information will be used or collected during an exchange or transaction.

This heightened level of privacy is reason enough even for casino players to use ZEC. And this has given more power to Zcash gambling. Using ZEC to play casino games involves the typical steps like using a wallet, buying coins from an exchange, and making transactions with the casino account. With its ease of use, complemented by player anonymity and security, players and casino operators alike have embraced ZEC gambling. 

Today, you can head over to popular crypto casinos and see ZEC listed as one of its accepted payment methods. The perfect example for a ZEC casino is FortuneJack. This crypto casino is known for accepting cryptocurrencies and offering a mix of provably fair and RNG casino games. With ZEC on board, you can simply enjoy online gambling in a private environment with Zcash.


Tether’s Stability is Key

Tether is the most prominent stablecoin on the market. Known for its stability, wherein 1 USDT is equal to 1 USD, Tether has become a favorite among traders, investors, and even players.

Brock Pierce, along with two other co-founders, introduced Tether to the world in 2014, during which it was still known as Realcoin. Rebranding to Tether in the same year, this stablecoin operates on different open-source blockchain networks. It is also one of the most used coins for crypto payments in 2021. 

With the ability to give the same value in US dollar, Tether easily found a new home in the iGaming business. Casino operators embraced Tether’s stability. This is the reason why finding a USDT casino is almost as easy as looking for a Bitcoin casino. 

In fact, a go-to crypto casino accepting USDT is mBit Casino. When you create your mBit login account, you can use Tether to fund your account and play crypto slots, table games, and even live dealer games. There are many more USDT casinos today, which only proves why Tether is simply one of the alternative cryptocurrencies you should use in crypto gambling.


Dogecoin Now Means Serious Business

Dogecoin is known for many trivial things. It was made as a joke. It is more known for being a meme coin. And due to its avid followers and community, Dogecoin has earned the title of ‘the people’s cryptocurrency’. But if DOGE is perceived by many as a mere joke, the online gambling takes it seriously.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin in 2013 on the Litecoin blockchain. This means that it also utilizes the proof-of-work functionality, and thereby provides the features seen in Litecoin and other related cryptocurrencies. It is also for this reason why Doge coin gambling didn’t have a hard time taking off.

If a crypto casino accepts BTC, you can immediately expect that it also accepts DOGE. In fact, during the early days of crypto gambling, many casinos already added Dogecoin to their list of supported payment methods. This proves that Dogecoin is simply one of the crypto coins other than Bitcoin that you can use to play games. 

With DOGE, players can enjoy anonymity, fast transactions, and lower transaction fees. These are what you can look forward to experiencing when making transactions in DOGE casinos like Stake Casino.

Bitcoin Cash

Faster Speeds Give Bitcoin Cash an Edge

If you followed the Bitcoin fork saga, you’d be familiar with how Bitcoin Cash came to this world. With the main purpose of addressing Bitcoin’s rather slow transaction speeds, the community was divided as to whether or not they should increase Bitcoins block size limits. Not everyone was on board this decision, that’s why Roger Ver decided to co-found Bitcoin Cash and significantly increased the block size limit to 8 MB from 1 MB. 

With Bitcoin Cash, users can experience faster processing speeds compared to using Bitcoin. And because of this feature, online casinos started adding BCH to their payment systems since the birth of BCH in 2017.

Until today, BCH is among the widely used cryptocurrencies overall, and it’s not surprising that this is the case even in iGaming, giving rise to BCH gambling.

Bitcoin Cash gambling enjoys a niche market, which is  now being tapped by old and new cyrpto casinos. One of them is Wolfy Casino, a fiat and crypto casino launched in 2020. There are many other casinos like Wolfy that trusts BCH enough to offer it as a payment method. Players looking for an alternative to Bitcoin can simply set their eyes on the Bitcoin spin-off to give them quality crypto casino experience.

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