Bitcoin Blockchain Tech Powers Online Gaming

Bitcoin Blockchain Technology

Several multinational companies have already expressed their interest over the revolutionary Bitcoin blockchain technology, and the field of online gaming is among the sectors that have begun to reap the benefits of this innovation.

The Bitcoin blockchain is the technological backbone of the cryptocurrency’s network while also providing a tamper-proof data structure. This technology prides itself on an extraordinary mathematic scheme that shares a decentralized ledger, making Bitcoin a free-for-all blessing.

With these features, the Bitcoin ecosystem is a concrete example that everyone can enjoy a decentralized marketplace with a tremendously secure network, blocking all sorts of fraudulent and unnecessary transaction delays.

Advantages of Bitcoin blockchain in the Bitcoin gambling community

Apart from the conventional marketplace, Bitcoin proves to be diverse by integrating its secure and reliable system to the online gaming branch. Today, bitcoiners are provided with dozens of online gaming websites that accept bitcoins for in-game purchases and transactions.

Moreover, the Bitcoin gambling industry, which is a major player in Bitcoin’s global adoption, makes good use of the advantages offered by both the digital currency and the blockchain technology.

Assimilating the innovations’ technologies to Bitcoin games, avid bettors can now effectively experience an easier and a more secure casino gameplay online.

SatoshiDice and DirectBet

For instance, SatoshiDice, the popular Bitcoin dice website that provides on-chain betting, appeals to the majority of gamblers because of its fast and hassle-free gameplay. Also, on-chain betting assures that bettors have full control of the flow of their transaction because of the absence of third-party players or a middleman to process a certain bet.

The only slight setback is that it may require a certain number of network confirmations for a transaction to push through. Nevertheless, with on-chain betting, bets are secured and are anonymously done with gamblers having full control over their bitcoins.

Bitcoin sportsbook DirectBet also services its players with on-chain betting that deemed to be successful because of the number of betting aficionados flocking the sports betting site. This online cryptocurrency bookie also ranks as one of the leaders in its league, proving that the blockchain betting feature pleases the majority of Bitcoin players.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology boosts mobile game

Extending their impact from online casinos and beyond the mobile Bitcoin casinos, the digital currency and the blockchain technology now find their newest beneficiary in the form of a mobile game.

Spells of Genesis, a newly launched mobile game, pioneered the synthesis of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game system, adding flair to its in-game marketplace.

Spells of Genesis

The game revolves around missions with BitCrystals as the game’s reward. BitCrystals is the name for bitcoins in this game’s universe. Players can further utilize the use of this in-game currency by trading them with fiat amount and vice versa, which is an evident influence of Bitcoin and blockchain.

Following Bitcoin’s flow of commerce, Spells of Genesis has garnered favorable reviews since it was first released and is presenting significant progress with its special feature.

Clearly demonstrating that the appeal and influence of the Bitcoin blockchain technology is not limited to Bitcoin gambling only, Spells of Genesis paves the way for mobile Bitcoin gaming and may serve as the catalyst to encourage other gaming giants to adopt the concept of Bitcoin and blockchain in the near future.