Bitcoin Casino Bettors Benefit from Coinsetter’s Rebate Program

Coinsetter Coinbase

US-based online bettors can enjoy exchanging their bitcoins for the dollar without fee deductions through the Coinsetter platform by simply making a transfer from their Coinbase account.

Available through Coinsetter’s new rebate program, Coinbase wallet users can bypass the need to interact with international banks with regard to making deposits and withdrawals, according to the statement published on the official Coinsetter blog.

Through this program, users are entitled to a reimbursement, which is processed by Coinsetter, provided that the funds are moved from Coinbase to the exchange via an ACH transfer.

With this, Bitcoin casino players, who will buy bitcoins and use them as a wager to bet on a variety of Bitcoin casino games like Bitcoin roulette, slots, blackjack, and many more, can transfer their funds to Coinsetter and still receive the exact amount, allowing them to either trade the sum for fiat or digital currencies.

However, Coinsetter has set a condition for its rebate program, requiring deposits from Coinbase to the Bitcoin exchange be made within three days from the day the bitcoins were purchased.

Once the purchased bitcoins have been successfully transferred to Coinsetter, traders are advised to message the Bitcoin exchange via the email address, together with the Coinbase receipt. This step will validate the transfer and will initiate the Coinsetter support team to credit the rebate to the respective accounts in one or two days.

Although Coinsetter, a New York-based Bitcoin exchange, is positioning itself as the platform catered for institutional investors, it also becomes a great option for Bitcoin bettors, who have a Coinbase account and are residing in the US.

Through the rebate program, online Bitcoin casino enthusiasts are expected to enjoy even more the fruits of their labor, giving them more reasons to patronize the gambling industry, as well as the companies behind the program.