Bitcoin Casino Entrepreneurs to Gain Insights from Inside Bitcoins London

Inside Bitcoins London

This year’s fifth Inside Bitcoins conference and expo is set to stage in London on Sept. 15 and 16 at the Grange St. Pauls Hotel. However, unlike the conference of the same name held in Melbourne in July, London’s event will not be covering online gaming.

The range of topics that will be covered during the two-day conference includes crypto-law, investment and funding, altcoins, trading, regulatory compliance, and security among others. Although they do not have direct connection with one of Bitcoin’s largest and most active market, the series of sessions prove to be significant for gambling operators and everyone who wishes to indulge in the Bitcoin casino industry.

More than 40 speakers will grace the event, each with interesting topics that tackle the current state of Bitcoin, as well as its future when it comes to different aspects like regulation, threats and opportunities in businesses, and the growth of cryptocurrencies.

Inside Bitcoins SpeakersSpeakers to watch out for are Gavin Wood, CTO of Ethereum; Steve Waterhouse, Partner at Pantera Capital, Nicolas Cary, CEO of, Will O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder of BitGo, and Hakim Mamoni, Co-Founder and CTO of Seedcoin.

Some of the notable sessions that are significant to the online gambling market are ‘The Future of Altcoins’, ‘The Isle of Man: The Natural Home for Your Crypto Currency Business’, and ‘Europe and Beyond: Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts’.

Moreover, O’Brien’s talk titled ‘How to Stop Bitcoin Theft: Multi-Signature Wallets Make Bitcoin Secure and Useful for New Industries’ should interest entrepreneurs, especially at present when Bitcoin holdings theft and loss have become prevalent.

Inside Bitcoins London will be the second stop for the international conference and expo in Europe after the one held in Berlin. Four more installments will take place in North America, Asia, and Europe, specifically in Las Vegas, Tel Aviv, Paris, and Seoul, before the year ends.

With the list of conferences well on its way, online Bitcoin casino entrepreneurs and Bitcoin games enthusiasts alike are assured of gaining more knowledge and insight into the future of Bitcoin businesses across the globe.