Bitcoin Casino Industry Shows Great Improvements

Improvements of Bitcoin Casinos

The Bitcoin casino market has been around for almost five years now. Since its introduction, Bitcoin users from around the globe are enticed by the idea of integrating cryptocurrency into betting. Thus, Bitcoin casinos cater to almost half of Bitcoin’s transactions and now play a major role in the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

To date, Bitcoin casinos have endured several events that have certainly made the stability of the industry’s core. As a matter of fact, some of these events led to the negative reputation of the Bitcoin gambling market. However, regardless of these negative occasions, Bitcoin casinos still stood firm and proved themselves to be formidable forces of innovation.

Moreover, Bitcoin casino administrators have effectively turn these undesirable events to their advantage, making more expansions and improvements for the well-being of the market.  Fortunately, these changes contribute astounding results to the whole Bitcoin gambling community.

Ever-growing Bitcoin game library

Just like brick-and-mortar casinos, the Bitcoin casino game library also started by providing simple casino games to Bitcoin consumers, which in reality, show no difference to their land-based counterparts.

However, as technology continues to thrive, numerous Bitcoin casino software and game developers have noticed the potential of Bitcoin casinos.

Since then, Bitcoin casinos have changed the way bettors think about online gambling. Bitcoin players are now provided with classic, yet revolutionary online casino games that are on par or even better than their land-based counterpart—one of the great improvements of Bitcoin casinos.

On another note, numerous game developers have found success within the domains of Bitcoin gambling. One example of which is NetEnt, an online gaming developer that has been providing extensive gaming solutions to the majority of leading online casinos since 1996.

It was only recent when NetEnt entered the Bitcoin gambling scene. Regardless, due to their game expertise, they immediately gained recognition and are now one of the game suppliers of Bitcoin casino giants BTC-Casino and Bitstarz.

Moreover, Endorphina and Quickfire are also prominent game providers that are the masterminds behind the groundbreaking Bitcoin games like Blast! Boom! Bang!, and pop culture-themed Bitcoin slots that are highly popular among avid casino players.

Amplified Bitcoin security

Perhaps the greatest concern since Bitcoin’s inception was its security. The cryptocurrency has also been related to numerous malicious issues such as the notorious Silk Road online store and the suspicious Mt. Gox downfall.

However, despite these negative incidents, Bitcoin startups that are dedicated to promoting white-labelled Bitcoin businesses and transactions have produced seamless technologies for the benefit of Bitcoin security.

Bitcoin Casino Innovations

Today, Bitcoin users are presented with Bitcoin wallets that are capable of securing BTC funds via two-factor authentication (2FA). This method definitely keeps funds secure due to its unique security system and its different way of validating identification.

In addition, this method is uncommon, which in results, lowers the risk of conventional hacking approaches.

To date, cryptocurrency exchange leader AlphaPoint has integrated the 2FA security system provided by Clef. Moreover, Bitcoin casino CoinRoyal and online sportsbook CloudBet are just among the gambling sites that adopted stricter security protocols like the 2FA system that solidifies their clients’ BTC fund security.

With these feats present, Bitcoin gamblers are given the assurance that their BTC funds are secured within the domains of these Bitcoin venues once again —another momentous progress for the Bitcoin casino industry.

Hassle-free fund transfers

Bitcoin did not immediately appeal to mainstream society because of its ‘complicated’ façade. The majority considered Bitcoin transactions are beyond the grasps of layman consumers.

However, Bitcoin companies have tried to alleviate this notion by developing platforms to simplify cryptocurrency transactions. Therefore, society has dozens of Bitcoin exchange platforms that are instant and reliable.

Bitcoin users are now able to enjoy hassle-free currency exchanges with the aid of the Tether-ShapeShift partnership. Moreover, Bitcoin gamblers are given the advantage of hassle-free transactions through the partnership of Cubits and SoftSwiss.

Through this partnership, Softswiss-powered casinos are now able to provide their clients with instantaneous fiat conversions via the in-house Cubits wallet, where stored fiats are automatically converted to BTC.

The Bitcoin casino industry continues to move forward

Overall, the Bitcoin casino market has endured plentiful trials that have definitely tested their ground. Luckily, with the support of different Bitcoin companies and affiliates, the industry still shows beautiful signs of improvements, which are evident in the developments mentioned.

The Bitcoin casino industry continues to focus on developing its structure for its inevitable growth. After persistent obstacles and shortcomings along the way, it is safe to say that this market will soon be one of the prominent figures in the cryptocurrency landscape.