Bitcoin Casinos Offered Huge Weekend Bonuses

Huge Weekend Bonuses

Online Bitcoin gamblers are always in search of an edge. This is so that they can get the most out of their bankroll. With a Bitcoin player’s gambling limited by how much of the cryptocurrency they have on hand, getting more gambling action from their current stash is a great advantage.

Fortunately, a lot of online casinos offer bonuses that can increase a player’s bankroll. Most of the time, this is usually done to draw in new players. This is why prospective gamblers can often see a lot of bonuses being offered when they are looking for a gambling site to play at.

There are also bonuses that are offered for special occasions. Excellent examples of these are the Bitcoin casino bonus deals that were unveiled by and over the weekend. Each of the bonuses is associated with the casino’s current promo.

Predict the Bitcoin price to win a share of 1 BTC

Right now, is running a promotion about who can guess the closest to the current Bitcoin price. The main mechanic requires new players to sign up with the casino and enter the 1,000 mBTC Prediction promo. Promo

Existing players will also have a chance to make a guess by submitting their username and prediction of the Bitcoin price before June 1. Those who guessed the closest price before the deadline will get a share of 1 BTC. That is a quite a bit of money since the cryptocurrency is currently around $430, and it may even climb higher.

Making a guess is free, so players are encouraged to give the site their guesses to catch a part of the 1 BTC prize pool. This promo entitles other players to benefit, with the 100-percent deposit bonus code that can be activated using the BTCPRICE bonus code. This bonus grants players with up to 200 mBTC.

Catch the biggest jackpot of over 1,300 BTC

One of the huge weekend bonuses that were implemented over the past weekend was one from One of the first licensed Bitcoin gambling operators, has been consistent in delivering a great gaming experience, and this bonus was a celebration of a recent milestone. The progressive jackpot slot game, Mega Fortune, is part of the site’s game library and is now offering more than 1,338,650 mBTC to the winner. That is a large prize, easily worth half a million dollars even with a fluctuating Bitcoin price. Bonus

To encourage players to join in seeking the prize, offered a bonus over the weekend. Players could enter the FORTUNE code when making a deposit to get a 100-percent reload bonus, with an upper limit of 200 mBTC.

Both these bonuses are generous and should please players seeking to get the most from their money. The bonuses follow the requirements set by the casino, and players should read up on them to know how to maximize Bitcoin casino bonuses.