Bitcoin Casinos Have a Promising Growth in 2017

There is a good Bitcoin casino outlook for 2017. Its bright future comes from the increasing demand for Bitcoin that led to an amazing increase in the cryptocurrency’s value. Bitcoin casino operators and players also benefit from the usage of the digital currency.

Bitcoin’s value

As 2016 came to an end, the value of Bitcoin broke past the $900 mark and inched closer to the $1,000 level. The amazing jump in price is due to the increasing demand in countries and areas where fiat currencies are declining in value.

People in countries like India, Venezuela, and China continue to look for a financial lifeboat. This lifeboat keeps the value of their money and investment intact as they move it outside of the country. Citizens of these countries are even willing to pay high premiums for exchanging their fiat currency to Bitcoin.

Rise of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos

The Bitcoin casino market has a rich history as Bitcoin casinos are among the fastest growing sectors of the online gambling industry. In fact, there was a time when almost 50 percent of the total Bitcoin transactions go to gambling websites. Its popularity comes from the advantages of using Bitcoin than fiat currency.

Players can quickly make a deposit or withdrawal with bitcoins in a Bitcoin casino. These transactions often take an hour or less than a day. Fiat payment methods can take three to five days to complete. Bitcoin transactions do not include any processing fee as well.

Bitcoin casinos allow people to play anonymously. Anyone can create their digital wallet and buy Bitcoin without using any personal information. This is a major benefit for many players who want to safeguard their identity as they play in any online casinos.

Online casino operators can benefit from allowing Bitcoin payment on their website. Bitcoin casinos can welcome as many players as possible from countries that allow their people to engage in online gaming by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Future of Bitcoin casinos

With many people uncertain of the value of the fiat currency of their country, Bitcoin adoption can further increase in 2017. This creates an opportunity for the digital currency to break past its three-year high record value in 2013 of $1,200.


The increased value of Bitcoin is going to further drive many people to play in a Bitcoin casino. The stakes are higher this month. The fiat value of a 1 BTC jackpot is worth more than twice the amount than a few months ago. Should the value go up even further this year, there is a good chance of seeing an evident rise in the number of Bitcoin casinos. With the different kinds of player incentives offered in a Bitcoin casino, players have more reasons to indulge in the growing Bitcoin casino trend.

There are people today who are going to further capitalize on the growth of the Bitcoin value by finding ways to increase their funds in their digital wallet. One way of doing this is to wager their coins in online casinos or sports betting sites that accept bitcoins.

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