Bitcoin Dice Has Bright Future Despite Challenges

Bitcoin Dice Sites

The success of SatoshiDice in the Bitcoin casino market stirred up the rise of other Bitcoin dice sites. Since then, the Bitcoin gambling community has witnessed a series of brand names. The online dice games, however, tend to have striking similarities while only some are unique enough to stand out. Yet, the majority of them managed to attract bettors into wagering their bitcoins and even into investing in the brand.

With the influx of Bitcoin dice platforms into the online gambling arena, the competition became tougher, which proved to be beneficial as it had prompted operators to introduce innovative features, games, and other services designed to improve the level of online dice betting.

Primedice is one of the most popular and established brands when it comes to Bitcoin dice betting. It continues to receive more players on its domain, and this is evident with the success of all of its platforms. Now with Primedice 3, which was launched only recently, this Bitcoin dice truly exemplifies the success that awaits Bitcoin casino operators in the market.

However, the emergence of Bitcoin dice sites does not always have a happy ending. Such is the case for Just-Dice, which was doing excellent in the industry until the legal move of Canada to regulate Bitcoin and the Canadian companies working with the digital currency that led to the site’s shut down.

On a more troubling note, some of the dice platforms that debuted in the market ended up with a rather depressing story that normally dwell on scamming the players by running away with their bitcoins. While there are no concrete methods to verify such claims or theories, the unfortunate victims are always on the losing end., which was launched in August, enjoyed its early success after it garnered numerous players and investors. However, come October, the site went offline, the social and email accounts of the operators were also pulled out, leaving the brand’s followers in confusion and in fear that another Bitcoin dice had the same ending.

Despite this seemingly usual case not only in the Bitcoin dice niche but also in the Bitcoin casino market, there is no need to be troubled about playing and investing in a Bitcoin dice platform, provided that the brand has a great reputation and is old enough to have survived the test of time and of trust.

The strong appeal of Bitcoin dice games continue to strengthen, and with the new batches of dice platforms, it is guaranteed to find the new breed of excellent sites.