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Bitcoin Expands Accessibility Through iOS Games

Bitcoin iOS Game

Mainstream society is progressively approaching the threshold of Bitcoin adoption following the recent events relating to giant multinationals accepting Bitcoin.

However, before achieving such momentous feat, Bitcoin has faced several setbacks that were considered severe threats for the cryptocurrency’s widespread acceptance.

Last March 21, Apple stunned the whole Bitcoin community after they blocked the first iOS Bitcoin mobile game SaruTobi off their app store.

SaruTobi, an 8-bit mobile game, is designed using the Bitcoin technology to support micro transactions for Bitcoin payments in the form of tips. Players are given the chance to collect Bitcoin tokens in the game by swinging ‘Saru’ the monkey as far as they can. Users of the app can also be tipped in real bitcoins for in-game purchases.

This platform became the first of its kind, and immediately appealed to Bitcoin enthusiasts. Yet, Apple began removing Bitcoin-related games off the App store for certain concerns regarding the cryptocurrency. Rumors began circulating that the reason behind the suspension is the potential conflict that may occur between Apple Pay and Bitcoin.

However, Apple discredited the rumor via a post on Facebook:

“Apple removed the app from sale on the weekend over concerns users would be confused over the use of in game Bitcoins (not real) and actual real Bitcoin.”

After the clarification, Apple conducted policy revisions that made it possible for suspended Bitcoin games to re-enter the app store.

Since then, several game startups integrated the Bitcoin technology to further boost their appeal to the masses. Fortunately, Bitcoin games like Uranus Attacks! by Tigara Games instantly became a hit. In addition, Bitcoin iOS game pioneer SaruTobi was given the chance to swing again.

Game of Birds

Newest addition to the iOS Bitcoin game collection

After the encouraging events between Apple and Bitcoin, another Bitcoin-based application made it through and is now up for grabs in Apple’s app store.

Game of Birds is designed to cater to the Bitcoin tipping system that serves as the gateway for players to receive in-game rewards. This game app has also partnered with Coinbase to provide users with seamless and fluid BTC transfers for the collected coins in the game.

Christian Moss, producer of Game of Birds and who also happens to be the mastermind behind SaruTobi, stated in an online interview that the purpose of his latest iOS game is to highlight fun gaming rather than Bitcoin.

He believes that through applications, it is much easier for the masses to understand cryptocurrency. Through his game, he can further contribute to the mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin:

“I don’t think that Bitcoin should or needs to be the main focus of the game and the game should be fun to play without receiving Bitcoin tips – the idea behind creating the game was to try and help Bitcoin become more mainstream.”

Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

The possibility of Bitcoin casinos entering mainstream app stores

Bitcoin casinos served as the inspiration behind the creation of Bitcoin-powered games. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin casino games are gradually evolving and taking advantage of innovations like smartphones to further widen their scope of influence.

Today, the Bitcoin industry is presented with mobile-optimized Bitcoin games provided by SoftSwiss. Thus, Bitcoin gambling is gradually crossing beyond the boundaries of accessibility.

Putting Apple and Bitcoin’s situation into consideration, it is safe to say that Bitcoin casino administrators may soon integrate the idea of creating more mobile-ready games that can be obtained through these app stores. Therefore, these events will bring the Bitcoin casino niche to greater heights.

Ultimately, as Bitcoin gaming continues to be universally accepted, there is no doubt that the Bitcoin gambling industry will follow through. After all, they introduced the trend of Bitcoin gaming to the whole world, and the successful growth of the Bitcoin casino market—the mobile Bitcoin casino included—is reason enough for the possibility of seeing the popular Bitcoin slots and table games gracing the iOS-powered mobile devices.



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