Bitcoin Gambling Earns Spot in Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg 2014


Russia’s Bitcoin event features a list of local and foreign speakers as well as today’s hot topics, including Bitcoin’s role in the online gambling industry.

Bitcoin Conference

The Bitcoin community in Russia is ending the year by hosting a one-day Bitcoin conference to be held in St. Petersburg on December 4.

Cryptocurrency market gurus, influentials, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and foreign experts will fill the conference hall of the Ambassador Hotel as they gather to devote a day’s worth of discussion regarding the development of cryptocurrency in Russia and across the globe.

The conference will serve as the venue for the key personalities to touch on an array of topics, including market analytics, the landscape and opportunities of Bitcoin, the modern technologies and technical aspects of operating cryptocurrency, and the effective strategies to invest in Bitcoin.

It is an open secret that Russia is on the verge of banning cryptocurrency use; thus, the legal changes in its and other countries’ law involving Bitcoin and cryptos will be tackled by the legal experts and will be among the hottest issues for this conference.

Gracing the Bitcoin event in St. Petersburg are foreign speakers from various fields: William Ross, Bitcoin enthusiast and Editor of BitcoinPriceLive (USA/Estonia); Teemu Päivinen, CEO of Coinmotion (Finland); Martin Albert, CEO at Bitalo AG (Finland); George Basiladze, Founder of Cryptopay (UK); and Christian Ander, Founder and CEO of Goobit AB (Sweden), among others.

Yaroslava SushkoUnmask the aspects of Bitcoin gambling

This conference will also give the floor to Yaroslava Sushko, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of GamblingPost, to talk about the impact of Bitcoin on the online gambling industry and the effects the Bitcoin casino market will have on the gaming landscape.

Titled ‘Gambling Winter is Coming’, her talk will cover the current state and the potential of the Bitcoin gambling niche to develop into the mainstream market.

Sushko will also share insights on the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Bitcoin in online gambling, as well as the inevitable creation of a new gambling ecosystem ruled by cryptocurrency.

Aside from her visions on the future of free Bitcoin casino gambling market, she is also set to introduce a discourse on mediabuying/SEO and the influence of the Bitcoin-run financial market on the gambling industry.

First Bitcoin exhibition zone set up

Aside from the talks and discussions, Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg will hold Russia’s first exhibition area for Bitcoin entrepreneurs. This zone will be the channel for startups and companies to network with sponsors and fellow exhibitors. The confirmed participants are, Hashprofit, Bitalo AG, Kuna bitcoin agency, and OKCoin.

Attendees of this Bitcoin event will receive a 3D print of Bitcoin and a variety of souvenirs and gifts, and maybe even, mobile Bitcoin casino merchandise. Interested visitors may register online on the conference’s website.

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