Bitcoin Heads to the Moon as it Breaks $3,000 Mark

Every Bitcoin owner has gone through quite a roller coaster which leads the popular cryptocurrency to achieve a $3,000 price breakthrough. The surge in prices can be due to the uncertainty of the recently created rival, Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin casino players will have plenty of reasons to hit the slots or card games this week. With the higher Bitcoin price, any payouts will give a good exchange this month.

$3,000 price breakthrough

Bitcoin trades above $3,000 on Coinbase

At the start of July, there were concerns regarding the faith of Bitcoin when the upcoming fork kicked in on Aug. 1. Bitcoin was nearly ready to breach the $3,000 mark in June. However, it dropped to $2,666 overnight.

By mid-July, however, concerns for the upcoming Bitcoin fork came to a pitch high. Exchanges have been bearish during this period. Thanks to the introduction of BIP 91, Bitcoin numbers saw a healthy rally between high price points. Bitcoin even nearly touched the $3,000 mark on July 20.

With the fork over and Bitcoin Cash making its way to Bitcoin owner’s wallet, Bitcoin is experiencing a bullish increase in its price. This is due to the removal of a split where the Bitcoin community and its miners will separately support Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. With BIP 91 in place, most miners and community members lean toward Bitcoin instead of its rivals.

Bitcoin Cash is still experiencing some hurdles at this time. Few exchanges support its trade while some of them do not allow withdrawals yet. Coinbase previously mentioned that it was not going to support Bitcoin Cash. With high demands from its customers and a possible legal action, the exchange experienced a change of heart and decides to support Bitcoin’s rival. However, withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash will only be available on Jan. 1 for Coinbase users.

Many cryptocurrency experts are critical on the long term road for Bitcoin Cash. The altcoin is currently volatile with prices going up as high as $700 and as low as $190 this weekend. With the uncertainty of the new Bitcoin, miners and traders will still keep supporting Bitcoin in the near future.

Bitcoin casino payouts

An increase in Bitcoin price is always a good thing for any casino players that own the cryptocurrency. There are three ways a person can increase his Bitcoin wallet. He can buy Bitcoin straight from an exchange or even a Bitcoin ATM if there is one near his area. Another is to mine Bitcoin by buying a graphics card made for mining or to buy some hash power from cloud Bitcoin mining services. However, these two options will leave the person dependent on Bitcoin going past the $3,300 mark to gain a profit.

Another way is to build up a person’s wallet through any major Bitcoin casinos such as mBit Casino or This option allows anyone to gain a good profit if they can get a sizable winning from their initial bets.